More people die from heart attack than this and AIDs.
Also known as heart disease.
coronary heart disease
Medical term for blood clots.
Blood clot in an artery.
When a plaque made up of hard cholestrol and other cells build up on the walls of the Coronary arteries.
Measures and records the electrical activity of the heart.
Occurs when the blood flow to the heart is blocked long enough to damage or kill.
heart attack
Heart attack without symptoms.
silent heart attack
Irregular heartbeat
Chest pain that occurs when the blood and oxygen can't keep up with the needs of the heart.
A blood condition where there isn't enough Hemoglobin.
A procedure where they will insert a tube in your arm, leg or groin veins or arterys to allow blood to flow easily.
Heart valve that seperates the right atrium with the right ventricle.
Heart valve that seperates the left atrium and left ventricle.
High blood pressure.
Number of heart chambers.
Specialist in cardiology
Damage to the brain because of lack of blood.
When two upper heart chambers quiver.
atrial fibrillation
Disease of the heart muscle.

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