I am one of the oldest things in the world and is approximately 4,000 miles long
Great Wall of China
What is the name of the tallest mountain in the world
Mt Everest
I am the oldest and largest pyramid in the wold
The great pyramid of Giza
I am one out of three sister ships that had not sunk in the North Atlantic, but had been scrapped
RMS Olympic
I can be seen around the world but only at night
Auroa lights
I am the tallest monument in the world
Gateway Arch
What is the nickname of the Great Bell of the clock
Big Ben
Where is the Eiffel Tower located
I was carved from the Rapa Nui people
I am a tower that leans 3.99 degrees
The leaning tower of Pisa
This statue is 30 meters tall
Christ the Redemer
I'm a statue that never saw the Titanic
The statue of Liberty
I am a performing arts centre
Sydney opera house
I was the first place to begin making maple syrup