When taking the pizza out of the oven, you use the ________________ for support and stability.
Black Paddle
Finished wings are marked in _____________ time.
What days do we flip the wing bottles into new ones?
Cinnabites are good for ______________ in the hot box.
Two Hours
Pizza and Crazy Bread expire in _______ minutes.
Out of the Three Cheese Breads, which one gets Parmesan Cheese on top?
When cutting pizza, the safest way to cut is ___________ from you.
Red cutter equals...
White cutter equals....
no meat
What is the most important part to boxing an Extra Most Bestest Pizza?
Grease Liner
For safety concerns, what do you shout when moving pans over to sheet out station?
Thin crust gets cut into _____________, unless specified by the customer.
When the timer goes off, the landing person should be checking the ___________________.
Expired Time
Yellow Tickets should be located underneath the ________________.
Cinnabread gets buttered and cinnafied on _______ side(s).

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