The ________ stage begins in the second stage of life
Although our behaviour is cued by antecedents, it is ultimately controlled by _________________________________?
_______________________ learning occurs by pairing two stimuli together so that the second stimuli elicits response as the first stimuli
_____________________ was the first psychologist to use the term behaviourism?
Perhaps the greatest contribution of behavioural approaches rests in the concept of ________?
_____________________ are the circumstances that exist in the environment before a behaviour is exhibited
______________ refers to training that is expected to produce a specific character or pattern of behaviour, especially training that produces moral or mental improvement?
A term used to describe the interactive nature of behaviour and mutually reinforcing social exchanges between individuals
Psychodynamic theory originated from the work of?
In psychodynamic theory, when a boy is sexually attracted to his mother and views his father as a rival for her attention, he is experiencing the?
Greg has lost five games of poker. He has been making a special point of telling his friends how he's not angry about losing the games. What defense mechanism is Greg employing?
______________________________ is based on Pablov's observation of dogs salivating
respondent conditioning
________________________ occurs when a student sees a teacher praise a classmate for answering correctly?
vicarious reinforcement

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