What country is Parvana set in?
Who wrote Parvana?
Deborah Ellis
Who took Parvana's dad away?
A bomb planted in the ground that explodes if it's stepped on
Land mine
A peice of clothing worn by wemon and girls to cover their hair and shoulders.
What were the Taliban's orders for women?
Stay inside
Long loose shirt and trousers worn by both women and men
Shalwar Kemeez
One of the two main languages spoken in Afghanistan.
A long tent like garment that women have to wear outside in Afghanistan.
A person who flees for refuge or safety. Especially from foreign countries.
A narrow mattress used in many Afghan homes instead of chairs or beds.
A mans headdress worn chiefly by Muslims in southern Asia, consisting of a long cloth made of silk, linen, cotton, ect. Wound directly around head or about a cap.
A food that is often eaten in Afghanistan.
Naan Bread
An Afghan hat.
A cart on wheels, pushed by hand, used to sell things in the market.
Pieces of meat on a skewer, cooked over a fire.
One of the two main languages spoken in afghanistan.
The Soviet Union before its break-up, including Russia and other Communist coutries.
When was Parvana published?
January 2002
What publishing brand published Parvana?
Allen & Unwin

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