___ ______ must sign and date the DHS 1240.
All Adults
Clients are referred to this contractor for Physical/Mental impairment.
Who monitors Domestic Violence status?
First to Work
Sanctions are imposed on an _________.
Where do you find program clarifications?
A standard used in determining eligibility 100% of the FPL (acronym)
Time limit months for TANF.
Dispostion is required by the _____ _____ day from date of application.
Forthy Fifth
PFI code is placed on which screen in HAWI?
EW is responsible for scheduling I/O within ___ work days from DOA.
A HH member may be eligible when natural parent is on strike. True/False
Religious records should not be used to verify citizenship. True/False
Financial screen in HAWI where deprivation is documented.
System used to schedule intake orientation.
Program implemented in 1997 as a result of PROWOR.
Limit for single parent claiming exemption caring for child <6 months. ______ ______
Twelve Months
_______ ______ must be sent 10 days prior to reduction/termination of benefits.
Timely Notice

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