Hester's Husband
the father of the scarlet child
what did Hester wear upon her chest?
Scarlet A
where did Hester have to stand for town shame?
what did Chillingworth pretend to be while in Boston?
what did Roger Chillingworth suspect was making Dimmesdale sick?
what color is peal most compared to?
who is unsure if she was born into the love of Jesus?
what skill makes Hester well known in town?
what is Hester constantly told that she must do for her sins?
how did Hester and Dimmesdale plan to leave?
when Pearl was a baby, what did Hester fear her seeing?
what did the town fear Hester would try while she was locked up?
what happened to Dimmesdale at the end?
where did Pearl go when she grew up?
Chillingworth kept his identity........

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