Formerly the Jett Building, now haunts what current resident
Best way to reach Jazz from the alley on 4th
Where to find ghosts on June 29th
Before Bird Café made their nest what restaurant once flew in the same spot
Tonight, starting a 8 from a stage with the same name
Christened "The Star of Texas," who is the city’s original luxury retreat?
Bird Café owner Shannon Wynne and Alex Abenchuchan have something in common
48-foot-tall limestone musicians
A local favorite established in 1927 has the word TEXAS printed16 times on their menu
Sundance Square’s namesake
Sid Richardson’s favorite riding horse
Chisholm Trail Mural has how many longhorns?
The longest-running show in the southwest
Where does this rule apply: Be sure not to drop your meat or fruit into the pot, as legend has it that those who lose their food have to kiss the person sitting next to them or pay the entire bill!
The first of their kind in the United States, measuring 32-foot-tall and 40 x 40 feet square, were manufactured in Germany
What Texas based retail store once operated on the corner of the old Woolworth Building
Reata serves cowboy cuisine and moved to its’ current location after a
The current tenant of the former White Elephant Saloon (building said to resemble the Alamo)
A replica of the original 1882 knight can be found in this castle

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