You ate this during your sleep
He eats raw potatoes
Is beautiful and cooks really really well
___ September 1999
One who sends you HW through texts
Our COC god, jasusi, and we both love him alot!
The day we first time heard each others voices
19th dec 2016
The day time we met!
14th Aug 2016
She LOVES eating, she's my Donkey,my dumbo, my pakoda,the girl i love
Snigdha tomar
The day mine was born!
31st march 1996
A food that goes down my throat no matter how bad or good it tastes
Ice cream
A man who's as tall as me
Someone who hates Canada
Someone who loves pets
Your orangutan, 👶your baby, someone who loves you a HELL lot and is "forever" yours 😃
Ethan Sanches
The state i live in
The state you live in
Something you love drinking during summers

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