Where we first met
Golf course
We went to _________ mountain on our first date
First movie we saw together
Finding Dory
First place we went to dinner together
Texas Roadhouse
Where we had our first kiss
Where you first told me you loved me
Where you first gave me your phone number
On our ______ date, we finally had our first kiss
It took us _______ years to start a real conversation:)
Buzz Lightyear is famous for saying To __________ and Beyond, which also happens to be our phrase.
I always talk about your _______ being one of my favorite features of you.
So because I can't choose, your eyes and ______ are my favorite physical features about you.
This is the first thing I noticed about you; your _____________
I will always be sure to tell you this for the rest of my life; I _____ you.
The day you asked me to be yours
July Ninth

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