What was the junkyard man's name?
What is the name of the river that the body was found?
Royal River
What did Gordie see on the traintracks that he didn't tell anyone else?
What town was the movie "Stand by Me" in?
Castle Rock
What Chris' Last name?
What type of gun did Chris steal from his dad?
Hunting pistol
What's the first name of the leader of Castle rock's local gang
What was is the name of Gordie's brother
What is the name of the junkyard man's dog?
What did Chris steal but wanted to give it back?
Milk Money
What is Royal River famous for?
What did Gordie become after the events of the journey?
What is Gordie's last name?
What book was Stand by Me based off ?
The Body
What actor played Gordie ?
William Wheaton
What cartoon character did Vern talk about ?
How did the boys get to Royal River
What was the nickname of the character in Gordie's story?
What place did gordie's nightmare took place
What food made Jerry O'connells cry in a parking lot?
Pot Cookies
What was the author of the book "The Body"?
Stephen King

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