Preventing success or development. A negative reaction, that could cause halm.
To write or say the correct answer to a question clearly. The answers can be in the form of a list.
To stop something that could be negative from happening.
An action taken in advance, to prevent someth unpleasant or dangerous from happening.
An action taken in advance, to prevent something unpleasant or dangerous from happening.
To write clearly in a way that is easy to understand, describing in detail. Include important facts and the reasons why.
A the specific technique that you have used or should use to: Apply colour or Create a haircut or style. Could be explained using a list, bullet points or step-by-step.
Anything that could restrict or prevent you doing a service that the client wants, because it may cause harm. E.g. Product incompatibilities/ Over processed hair/ Allergic reaction.
Pre-Pigmenting Using a colour (Temporary, Semi-Permanent or Quasi-Permanent) that will support the undertone of the clients desired target (shade) base.
A Test conducted 48hrs before a colour service. Positive reaction, irritation. Negative reaction, no reaction.
Skin Test
The Use of Perm lotion mixed with Hydrogen Peroxide (Developer/ Activator) to test if metallic salts are present in the hair. This would be caused by the application of colours that contain metallic salts. If present may result in structural damage to the hair and disintegration.
Incompatibility test
A result of a specific action- During the process (a verb).
The result of an action- The Impact, because of.