The ability to accurately measure what one is intending to measure.
The ability to consistently reproduce the same results under siminlar research conditions; the repeatability of findins and measures or measurement consistency
What occurs when two identical measure are taken on two seperate occasions and the results are the same?
Test-retest reliability
What problem occurs when two reserachers interview the same subject but get different results or responses?
Intercoder Reliability
What is it called when one variable "moves," and so does the other?
Internal validity
A meaure of internal consistency is _____ reliability
What is the statistical procedure the measures the strength of a particular sclae or index
Cronbachs alpha
_____ - _____ reliability is measured when researcher subjects are given slightly different questions, or measures, of the same concept.
Alternate forms
_____ validity is concerned with how well the study findings are "generalizable" to other people, places, and times.
What is the first threat to validity?