Where do you fill the water seal chamber?
The water seal allows air to __________ and prevents re-entry of air into the cavity.
The _____ _____ appears when suction is functioning properly.
orange float
Imposed suction and level of water seal equal the patient __________.
The high negativity relief valve helps vent excess air to __________ patient negativity.
Do not tape or block the positive pressure relief valve because it helps prevent a _____ _____ if suction becomes blocked.
tension pneumothorax
Type of pneomothorax caused by blood build up.
A __________ is caused by build up of air in the pleural cavity.
What must you do to the patient tube before switching chest tube units?
A __________ must be obtained if tubes accidentally get disconnected, patient is in distress, and to check tube placement.
How often, per policy, should output on the chest tube machine be marked?
The chest tube, vital signs, respiratory assessment, and pain should be assessed every ________ hours.
Do not EVER ________ the chest tube tubing.
If the chest tube comes out and the patient has no prior air leaks and is in no distress, cover the site with ___________ _________ and call the physician.
vaseline gauze
If the chest tube comes out and the patient is in distress call a ______.

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