What is the mascot of Notre Dame Academy in Toledo?
The tagline for this school is "Belong. Believe. Become." (abbv)
This school, located in California, opened its doors in 1964 to 27 high school students
NDALA Elementary School's motto is "Educating today's youth to be tomorrow's ______"
Double ARC, through diagnosis, intervention and advocacy, serves children suffering from __ __ __ (3 words)
At this school, grade level doesn't matter; the individual student's ability does
Principle 1: The Centrality of a good and _______ God
Principle 2: The ___ ____ of each person as an image of God. (2 words)
Principle 3: The Notre Dame educator as ___ ____ (2 words)
Principle 4: An integrated education for ______
Men were not admitted until 2001 at this educational institution
Notre Dame Academy in Covington, KY was partially funded by a very substantial donation from this hotel magnate
This SND preschool is a "little bit traditional, little bit Montesorri, and a little bit Waldorf"
Notre Dame Schools will engage students from preschool through high school in an exceptional ______ education.
Julie Billiart School opened a second location in ______, Ohio in 2017.
The Sisters of Notre Dame's educational principles are based off the pedagogical and spiritual principles of whom?
This flower is oftern associated with the Sisters of Notre Dame
the spiritual mother of the Sisters of Notre Dame
the object in the center of the congregational coat of arms
Foundress of the Sisters of Notre Dame
Number of contries that have SND educational ministries
The SND National Education Office website is www.____.org
Theme of the 2018 Summit "Mirrors & ____"
Affiliated High School in Florida: _____ Central Catholic
The only affiliated school in Indiana: St. ____ Catholic School
Affiliated High School in North Carolina: Cardinal _______
Award given to select graduates for being outstanding witnesses to Notre Dame education.

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