a social position fixed by birth, a position that cannot be changed by one’s own efforts (8,6)
ascribed status
A situation where a couple lives together as man and wife without being legally married.
The number of deaths per thousand of the population per year. (9,4)
mortality rate
The legal termination of a marriage
when a women has the responsibly of unpaid work and paid work (4,6)
dual burden
Two or more generations of people tied together through blood, marriage or adoption.
A group of people not necessarily related who share accommodation (or meals, chores, bills etc), or one person living alone.
Husband and wife share roles, tasks and/or leisure (5,8, 5)
joint conjugal roles
A legal contract between two people of opposing sexes offering rights and obligations under law.
A form of society in which males are the rulers and leaders and exercise power, both at the level of society as a whole and within individual households.
As the process in which religious thinking, practices and organisations lose their social significance.
Created by society and/or by social attitudes (6,12)
Social Construction
another name for a step family (7,6)
blended family
came up with the theroy of toxic family
came up with theroy of disappearing childhood
the study of birth, deaths etc
the act of leaving a country to live eleswhere