Small space rocks that orbit the sun
Type of eclipse that occurs when the moon passes between the sun and earth and the moon fully or partially blocks the sun.
solar eclipse
A large cluster of stars
Mountain-size chunks of ice, gas, and dust with heads and tails that orbit the sun
An object in space that produces its own heat and light
Happens when one object in space casts a shadow on another object in space
Includes the sun, nine plantes and their moons. comets, large rocks called asteroids, and small space rocks called meteoroids
Solar System
A group of stars that seem to form pictures
A belt of very small rocky bodies, pieces of planets that exploded
Warms our planet and provides energy for plants and animals
Earth's natural satellite, makes one revolution around our planet in a little over 27 days
The only planet that has an atmosphere that supports life
Small bits of dust or pieces of rock that move about in all directions in space
Contains all matter and energy tha exists in space

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