How many call center locations are located in Minnesota?
Who is the President of Customer Elation?
Pete Hainey
Where is the corporate office located?
Who is the Vice President of Operations?
Cory Gallagher
We take calls about tractors for this client.
This client is into mother nature.
Ducks Unlimited
Health and Wellness are this clients number one priorities.
RedBrick Health
We do inbound and outbound calls for this client.
We help consumers cool down with this client.
Ice House
Cleaning up is what this client is all about.
These types of agents to many different tasks.
This is one of our newest clients.
Customer Elation thinks of all of us as this.
This client helps vulnerable adults.
What rule does Customer Elation live by?
Golden Rule
Customer Elation is in how many different locations?
One of CE's Value's.

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