Healthy snack, packaged in wrapper.
String cheese
You can hard boil, dye, or cook these.
They are red and considered a vegetable or fruit.
This is found in granola mix, cereal, and some cookies.
Famous breakfast cereal that are shaped like circles.
Used to make toast and sandwiches.
whole wheat bread
Round fruit used in jams and pies.
Popular fruit, part of the rose family.
Very nutritious fruit that is also a digestive aid.
Sometimes served with brown sugar, butter, and sometimes marshmallows.
Sweet potatoes
These can be served raw or cooked and some of them are purple.
Drink that builds muscle.
skim milk
Great snack that is high in protein.
beef jerky
Can be grilled, fried, or baked.
chicken breast
Good to use for sandwich meat.
sliced ham

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