How many wives did Henry VIII have?
Surname of Henry VIII's first beheaded wife:
Who was Queen for nine days?
What famous piece of music was written by King Henry himself?
Who was a famous play write in the Tudor time?
William Shakespeare
What church did Henry create that is still going today?
Church of England
What flagship of Henry the Eighths sank in the Solent?
Mary Rose
Which of Henry's wifes had a son but then suddenly died soon after?
Jane Seymour
How old was Edward the 6th when he took over the throne in 1547?
Who became to the throne in 1553?
Mary the First
He was the first Tudor?
Henry the seventh
Who was the last tudor Monarch?
Elizabeth the first
What religion was Mary the first?
Who was the famous Tudor explorer who found America?
Christopher Columbus
What food item did Sir Walter Raleigh bring back to England?