Familiar with the area, motivationally charged soldiers.
United States
Support and trained army, powerful central government.
Great Britain
Bloodiest battle of the war.
Battle of Bunker Hill
Planned to isolate New England by capturing New York City.
Made a decision to support the Continental Army after the Battle of Saratoga.
Commander of the Continental Army.
George Washington
Shortly after the war, in 1782, what treaty was signed?
The Treaty of Paris
A colonist that believed in independence from England.
A colonist who remained loyal to the British government.
A colonist who did not get involved in the Revolutionary War.
This war spanned from the 1750s to the 1780s.
Revolutionary War
Soldiers who fought on horseback.
On July 4, 1776, what document was signed?
Declaration of Independence
A convention of delegates from the 13 colonies.
Second Continental Congress
Author of Common Sense.
Thomas Paine
Who was the General of the Continental Army?
Nathaniel Greene
Third president of the United States.
Thomas Jefferson
This woman made the first American flag.
Betsy Ross
These soldiers were paid to fight.
These small bands of fighters used hit and run tactics.

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