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A Hawthorne Halloween Crossword


Break Me Off A Piece of that ____________
Might Use Your Carotid Arteries as a Water Fountain
Where The Ghosts N' Ghouls Hangout
Could Escape Anything But His Death on October 31st 1926
Could Escape Anything But His Death on October 31st 1926
Through Every Living Being I Flow
Who makes it - has no need for it -who buys it won’t use it - Who uses it won’t care - What am I?
You Cut & Gut The Flesh From this Poor Vegetable to Display Outside Your House
Blade of Choice for The Angel of Death
This type of ammunition is used to kill wolf like creatures under a pale full moon
Egyptian Monster
Opposite of Alive
If A Zombie Eats Brains, What Does a Vegetarian Zombie Eat?
"Double Double Toil and Trouble-Fire Burn __________ Bubble"
I Live Underneath Your Skin
15. Burn-Baby-Burn She's a __________!
I have a million ears but can not hear a thing, you might get lost in me
I lurk next to you all day in the sun, i am dressed in all black, i vanish in the darkness, who i am i?
A Tale about a man who just chopped up a man's body and stuffs him in the floorboards (hint: Poe, Heart Beat)

Light Word Search

Light Word Search
Word Search

Speed of Light

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

The Birth of Our Savior (Matt 1:18-25, Luke 2:1-20) Crossword

Who was Mary betrothed (engaged) to?
Mary was made pregnant through the power of the ____ ____
To spare her shame, Joseph decided to do what in quiet?
Joseph receives a message in a dream from what?
Joseph is the descendant of what great Israelite King? Son of ?
Joseph is told he will have a son and he is to give him a name that in Greek is
Even though Mary is with child, she remains a ____.
Isaiah was an Old Testament _____ who told of a savior that would be born of a virgin.
This is the Hebrew name of the Greek name Jesus and it means ("God is with us" what a perfect name!)
Joseph did as the Lord asked and he took Mary as his ____ into his home
What town was Jesus born in?
Ceasar ____ wanted the world to be enrolled (censused) to collect taxes from everyone.
Joseph takes a pregnant Mary from _____ to Bethlehem for the census.
Mary gave birth, wrapped her baby in swaddling clothes and laid him in an animal feeding trough, known as a
An angel appears to _____ watching their flocks.
The ___ of the Lord shone around the workers in the field and they were filled with fear (awe of God)
The angel speaks, I proclaim to you ___ ___
The news of the angel will bring great __
A ____ has been born!
A multitude of angels sing, Glory to God in the
The shepherds go in haste to Bethlehem to see the new born ___
Mary reflected on these things in her __
The shepherds return home, ____ God
The Season that prepares our hearts for Jesus
Jesus is the ____ of the world!

OUR BRAIN Crossword


Someone who is very smart, is very In____________________.
The organ of our body that controls our thinking and our body movements
This test measures how intelligent we are
If we like to sing songs and can play musical instruments, we are m _ _ _ _ sm_ _ t
People who are good at dancing and sport are b _ _ _ s _ _ _ t
The use this part of our brain to remember things
Our brain uses 20% of the ox_ _ _ _ that our body needs
This animal has the largest brain of all living creatures
A mouse's brain is ________________ than a cat's
When we make ______________ in our mind, it helps us to remember things
Someone who likes to be outdoors and knows the names of animals and plants, is ______________ smart.
If you have a good memory, you can _________________________ things well
Another word for "smart"
Our brain controls our whole body and can do so many things! Our brain is really p__________________________.
An elephant's brain is larger than the human brain, but humans are more ______________________________.have larger
Someone who likes reading and is good at languages, is _________ smart.
When we think about many things, we have a lot on our _____________.

The Feast of Dedication Crossword


This temple artifact is also called the Arc of God.
This important artifact is inside the Arc, it is called bread from heaven.
Also housed in the arc is an artifact that belonged to Aaron.
What is written on the two tablets in the arc?
What was the golden censor used for?
How many branches did the menorah have?
What does Hanukkah mean?
Who was the family who led the battles to get the temple back?
What is Torah?
Why did the freedom fighters fight to keep the law?
What is the Hebrew Word for Faith?
What is the Hebrew word for love?
How many years before Christ did the freedom fighters battle to take the temple back?
In the book of John 10:22-23, who entered the temple for The Feast of Dedication?
Who built the temple the freedom fighters fought for?

In terms of the moon Crossword

In terms of the moon Crossword

A theory in which the moon formed elsewhere and was drawn in to our orbit.
The point in which the object orbiting the earth is at the farthest distance.
What is a natural satellite in terms of the moon?
Moon phases in which the moon is more than half full but less than full.
A theory in which the Earth and moon were formed together.
Occurs when the moon gets between earth and the sun and casts a shadow over the earth.
Moon phase when the moon appears fully illuminated from Earths Perspective.
Mixture of powdery dust and broken rock formed by impact of meteorites on the bodys surface
Any flat dark plain of lower elevation on the moon
A theory in which the moon formed from debris ejected from the Earth when a large object crashed into Earth.
The moon anytime before full moon and after new moon.
The point in which the object orbiting the earth is at the closest distance.
Roundish dent left in the surface of something by the impact of something else
A type of tide in which low tides are higher and high tides are lower
The shadow cast by the moon over an area experiencing a partial eclipse
When the visible part of the moon is less than Half full
Rods of light colored debris stretching out from the center
The debris surrounding an impact crater
During full and new moons the gravitational forces of the sun and moon combine to produce the highest tides also called-

The Solar System Crossword


These members of the solar system are sometimes referred to as "Dirty Snowballs"
These members are to small to be considered planets and aren't spherical, although they orbit the sun and there could be tens of thousands of these objects.
A small, rocky object that heats up when entering Earth's atmosphere.
Objects that orbit the sun at a farther distance than Neptune.
A cloud of dust and gas
A flattened cloud now shaped into a shaping disc surrounded by cosmic dust and gas
Irregularly shaped objects that are formed through the process called Accretion.
The name of the four planets that are closet to the sun.
This planet is the closet to the sun
This planet has only one moon, and takes 365 days 6 hours 16 mins to orbit the Sun
The name given to the four outer planets that are large and gaseous.
Celestial objects that do not belong into the category of planet or moon.
The most famous Dwarf Planet, discovered in 1930 as the ninth planet of our solar system.
Sixth planet from the sun, known for its beautiful rings.
Fourth planet from the sun, surface has huge volcanoes, and deep canyons. Known as "The red planet".

SPACE...yummo ;) Crossword


What is it called when the moon is blocking the sun?
The path a planet moves around the sun
An imaginary straight line joining the North and South poles of the Earth
When the moon is in the Earth's shadow and appears dark
Changes in the shape of the moon visible on Earth
The study of the universe and how it came to be
What is it called when the Earth has completed one rotation around the sun
Name the rotation of the Earth over 24 hours
What is the 29th of February
Can you see both sides of the moon from Earth?

Space Crossword


The planet with visible rings
The furthest planet from the Sun
The most mysterious thing in space
The first man to step on the moon
Galileo improved this
This gives Neptune it's blue colour
The hottest planet
Another word for the Sun
It takes 28 day to go round the earth
Our galaxy name

Space Revision Crossword


Clumps of metal and rock. Mainly found in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter
Objects consisting of rock, dust and ice that travel in the universe at high speeds. When they approach the sun they vaporise and produce a trail.
An astronomical unit of distance. One ly is equal to the distance that light travels through space in a single year.
The galaxy in which our solar system is located
A body that has a sufficiently large mass and that orbits a star. Our solar system contains 8 of these, all of which orbit the sun.
A star formed from a cloud of dust and gas being pulled together by gravitational attraction. Fusion reactions occur here.
A large system of billions of galaxies
A system containing billions of stars
Planets that have a gaseous composition, often involving hydrogen and helium. These are Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn in our solar system
Planets that have a solid composition, often composed of metals or rocks. These are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars in our solar system.