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Georgia Government Vocabulary Crossword


Georgia's lawmaking branch, which is in charge of creating, debating and determining the laws that guide the state.
Georgia’s legislature which is made up of the Georgia Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives.
the process through which a legislative body prepares and enacts laws through its lawmaking process.
the head of the majority party in a legislative body
the head of the minority party in a legislative body
the primary leader of the House of Representatives in the General Assembly
a committee created for a specific, pressing cause
a committee that exists on a permanent basis in charge of reviewing and refining legislative measures that come under the subject area of the committee
money paid by citizens that go to the Georgia state government
funds collected from taxes on income, profit, sales, and property.
A branch in Georgia in which the Governor, Lieutenant Governor, Secretary for State, Attorney General, and State Treasurer are responsible for enforcing and carrying out laws
the elected executive head of a state of Georgia
the executive official of a state who follows the governor in rank and assumes their position in the event of infirmity or death.
a legal officer who represents Georgia in legal proceedings and gives legal advice to the government.
the leading judge in Georgia’s Supreme Court
the body of laws in Georgia regulating ordinary private matters
the highest court in the Judicial Branch in Georgia
a legal system focused with punishing individuals who commit crimes
A branch in Georgia responsible for interpreting laws
a court of appeals that deals with less serious criminal offenses
a court with wide authority over the territory of a specific state
those serving on the Supreme Court of Georgia
a judicial procedure in which a case from a lower court is taken to a higher court for review of a lower court’s
a court that is part of the Georgian judicial system and is responsible for hearing and evaluating legal appeals
A court of appeals reviews appeals from district courts within its circuit on objections to district court rulings.

Democracy Crossword


something that grants you rights and freedoms in your area
the duty to do something because you have been blamed/accused for something that wasn’t right, whether an apology or something else.
being able to do something without being judged or accused of wrongdoing.
a legal entitlement or allowance to do something, a right can also have some responsibilities if you do something bad.
a person who has control of the people in a area
the type of government that controls country
the type of government that controls a city/town
the type of government where one person possesses all the power
a system of government that is run by elected representatives that are voted by the people in the area.
a system of government where a group of people have power, the people are usually rich or well known.
a session that is used to vote for representatives to run for the government
the choosing of a choice that you prefer over the other
the party that cares most about environment
the party that is lead by jagmeet singh
the party that is lead erin o’ toole
the party that’s leader runs for prime minister
a political system where people work together to manage the country and parts of the country.
where a party that almost was elected helps to make laws, for example the conservatives will argue with the prime minister's party and will be like an opposite opinion type of group, but they can also agree or add to stances.
someone who helps manage a country, they can be classified as a head of state, and is usually a queen, king, or emperor
a person nominated for an election, whether being municipal, provincial, federal.

Christmas plants Crossword


Their leaves don’t fall at the same time.
It is a hemiparasite plant with white berrys.
It is said if a plant sucks sap from other plant but it also carries out photosynthesis.
A berry of mistletoe is removed with each.......
Something that has sharp points is .......
A tree with red berries.
Poinsetia is also called ......
A very old and popular story that may be true.
Typical christmas tree to be decorated.
Having a beneficial effect on the environment or at least not causing environmental damage.

AP Gov CAP Crossword

AP Gov CAP Crossword

An official currently holding office
A person being sued
Powers directly given to the federal government in the Constitution
A group of people who listen to a case and decide whether the person accused is guilty or not
Government charges an elected official (usually the president) with a crime
Written statements that wrongfully damage another's reputation
Person who is employed by a corporation to try to influence policy decisions
Handing out government jobs to people who belong to the winning political party
Judicial use of prior cases as the standard for deciding similar cases
Procedure followed by the states to approve Constitutional amendments
Established by Marbury v Madison
Legislative, Executive, Judicial
Group of people sharing a common interest that seeks to influence public policy
Presidential rejection of a bill
Guaranteed by the bill of rights
Lowest level of federal courts
Right to bear arms
Theory that the government is run by a small number of wealthy individuals
Court case that established right to privacy
State legislatures create oddly shaped congressional districts that favor the party in power

Quality crossword


An assessment process that assesses the competency/s of an individual that may have been acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning to determine the extent to which that individual meets the requirements specified in the training package or VET accredited courses.
The training products for which CRTAFE is registered to issue AQF certification documentation.
Version control of training products on training.gov.au.
The WA regulator.
The quality review of the assessment process.
AQF qualification, skill set, unit of competency, accredited short course and module.
A document that confirms that trainers and assessors have the required workplace skills and experience to confidently and competently train students.
Any party that provides services on behalf of CRTAFE but does not include a contract of employment between CRTAFE and its employee.
The notional time that an RTO expects a learner to formally engage with learning resources provided by the RTO and managed by the RTO to meet the requirements of a unit of competency or a cluster of units of competency.
A strategy to provide a direct relationship between the RTO and the industry it serves for the mutual benefit and confidence of each party.

Drama Skills Crossword


What is the term for the way someone walks?
What is the term for using the space to show relationships?
How would I use my face to show emotions?
What's a Vocal Skill that shows the audience where I am from?
In vocal skills, what is high and low?
What can I use to make sure all of my cast members are seen?
What is one way to make an actor think more about their character?
What could be used to show the audience a key moment?
What is the term for how straight your back is?
What is the term for a hand movement?

Immunization Terms Crossword

Immunization Terms Crossword

The process of inducing or providing active or passive immunity artificially by administering an infectious agent
An inherited or acquired state in which an individual is resistant to the occurrence or the effects of a specific disease
Innate immunity or resistance to infection or toxicity
Immunity from exposure to the invading agent
Immunity in which immune bodies are actively formed against specific antigens
Temporary immunity obtained by transfusing immunoglobulins or antitoxins
A protein that is formed in response to exposure to a specific antigen
A variety of foreign substances that stimulate the formation of antibodies
Reduce the virulence of a pathogenic microorganism by treating it with heat or chemicals or cultivating it on a certain medium
Antigenic substances used for active or passive immunization or therapy
A suspension of live or inactivated microorganisms administer to induce immunity and prevent infectious disease
A modified bacterial toxin that has been made nontoxic by retains the ability to stimulate the formation of antitoxin
A solution of antibodies derived from the serum of animals immunized with specific antigens & used to confer passive immunity & for treatment
A sterile solution containing antibodies from large pools of human blood plasma
Special preparations obtained from blood plasma from donor pools preselected for a high antibody content against a specific antigen
Condition in which the majority of the population community is vaccinated and the spread of certain diseases is stopped
Vaccine designed to vaccinate against a single antigen or organism
A carrier protein with proven immunologic potential combined with a less antigenic polysaccharide antigen to enhance immune response
Combination of multiple vaccines into on parenteral form
Vaccine designed to vaccinate against two or more antigens
Strategy of protecting infants from pertussis by vaccinating all persons who come in close contact with the infant
Physical act of administering any vaccine or toxoid

Advanced treatments Crossword

Advanced treatments Crossword

Reason a service can't not be preformed
spa treat meant that come in 3 forms of water
The strongest AHA
LED is ___________( does not use heat)
"Life, vital power"
Manual Lymph Drainage
The strongest peel & can be toxic
Treatment for cellulite
sending waves through the skin to assist in product