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ou and ow words Crossword


Sometimes see this when there is rain and sun together.
The day after today.
The past simple of find.
Use this to dry yourself after you wash.
Children and plants do this when they get bigger.
Rain comes from these things in the sky
These give us light from outside and we can see through them.
Say 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
A faster way to wash than a bath.
A type of home, maybe a terrace, a cottage or a bungalow
A small brown animal, or something that we use with our computer.
I put my head on this when I sleep.
A white ingredient of bread and cake.
I like to grow these in my garden; they are beautiful and colourful.
The opposite of fast.
On a wintery day, children like to build it with the white stuff.
He works in the circus and makes us laugh.

Epidemiology Key Terms Crossword


When a disease is always present no matter how small in a community we refer to it as an _____.
If there are usually only 20 cases per year of Measles but in 2021, there were 50 cases of Measles, What is this called?
COVID-19 which affects countries throughout the world is considered a _____.
What is the cause of a disease or health condition?
What is the organism that becomes infected by a disease called?
Where does an agent exist?
what is in the middle of the epidemiological triangle?
The capacity of an agent to enter a host and cause infection: a disease that easily spreads from one host to another has high _____.
When symptoms are very noticeable, the disease has high ____.
The capacity of an agent to produce poison is called ____.
When an agent can survive in many adverse environments, they have high ____.
A type of direct transmission whenever anyone coughs, sneezes, or talks.
A type of indirect transmission spread by food, water, or inanimate objects.
This type of prevention is implemented before there is evidence of disease or injury.
This type of prevention is implemented after a disease or injury is established, the goal is to reduce morbidity or mortality.
What type of prevention is a community-level weight loss program?
When you have been exposed to a contagious pathogen like COVID-19 but not showing any symptoms yet you have to go into ____.
When you have been exposed to a contagious pathogen like COVID-19 and are showing symptoms you have to go into ____.
True positive / (True positive + False negative)
True negative / (False positive + True negative)
Systematic error often introduced by a researcher; two types are information and selection.
The number of existing and new cases of a disease/ health-related condition is the ____.
The number of new cases of a disease/ health-related condition is the ____.
Diseases like cardiovascular disease, cancer, or diabetes are ____ diseases.
The incidence among exposed divided by the incidence of unexposed.
Which ratio is used in case-control studies to test the hypothesis?
The leading cause of death with risk factors including hypertension, obesity, and physical inactivity.
The second leading cause of death in the US which has stages 0-IV.
This is a cross-sectional study that uses data that describes groups of individuals.
This study includes individuals used as cases and as controls to test a hypothesis.
A shortcoming of this study is that they are not well-suited for studying very rare diseases and are also time-consuming and expensive. These studies can be performed in the past or future.
The goal of this study is to monitor a population to gather the information that can be used to prevent health threats. There are two kinds: passive and active.
The first point when an individual is exposed to or infected by a disease; point of ____.
When you are fully recovered from the disease or infection you just experience is the ____ period.
The point of the first symptom of a disease or infection is the ____ point.

Bison Came Back Crossword


The ___________ almost became extinct because of overhunting.
There will probably never be as many bison as there once were, but at least they still _______.
If a species is _________, all of its kind are dead.
Some Native Americans wore clothing made from deer _________.
The buffalo ________ lazily across the prairie.
Many animals build a __________ as protection against other animals that hunt them.
Bison can use their hooves and horns as weapons, but their primary defense is to __________, or run away.
Bison winter coats are some of the __________ in the world.
_________ live in Africa and Asia, have no hump, and have smaller heads.
Native Americans made bison _______ into tools.
As _______ spread across the Midwest, they brought more hunters.
Some bison went to zoos and ______ to protect them.

Elements of Art Word Search

Word Search

the seven elements of art
three dimensional
two dimensional

Food Chain Crossword Puzzle


eats another animal or plant.
gets eaten, but sometimes eats other stuff
predator and prey in a line or web of what they eat
animal(s) that might be extint soon
a living creature on earth but it isnt a human
something beings do to survive
gives us air to breath
eats animals killed by other animals
opposite of vegetarian
any green plant

Travel and Tourism Sectors Crossword


What type of visitors holiday in their own country?
This is the reason most people go on holiday.
This is the name of a flight with a duration of less than 3 hours
This is the location you would visit to plan a holiday.
This type of flight is where you would receive a luxury service.
This is the name given to where you leave or enter a destination.
This is the main method of transport in London.
This type of holiday would involve a long stay on a boat.
This type of holiday includes your flight, accommodation and transfers.
Which method of transport is the most convenient for domestic travellers?

Christmas Crossword


Who are Santa's helpers?
What do we give at Christmas?
What type of meat do we traditionally eat on Christmas Day?
What animals pull Santa's sleigh?
What do we decorate with lights?
What do we usually sing in church at Christmas?
They usually have a hat, joke and toy in them
Children like to wrap up warm and make these in the garden
Children hang these out Christmas Eve
There were three of these who brought gifts
Who was born at Christmas?
These are opened every day _ _ _ _ _ _ Calendar
There is a Christmas movie Bad _ _ _ _ _

Elsie's Puzzle Crossword

Elsie's Puzzle  Crossword

Device used to talk to people far way
What does Elsie use to walk
What body part on your face do you use to SEE objects
What does Elsie use to brush her teeth
How many legs do you have
What does Elsie eat every night. Lunch or Dinner.
How many fingers are on one hand
Skill of putting on and taking off clothes
What is the colour of the sky
What is the colour of the sun
What should people save every month when they get paid at work
Personal care activity for keeping body clean
Skill of taking food from the plate and in your mouth
How many days are in a week
Need to drink everyday
Skill of making food in the kitchen
Which country does Elsie live in
Using a car to move from one place to another place
What animal swims in water

geography crossword

geography crossword

they extract raw materials from the earth or sea
process and manufacture from raw materials
it provides a service
farming with crops and animals
growing produce to sell
only growing enough to feed your family
requires lots of inputs
only requires a few inputs
rearing animals
growing crops

Crime and Law - burglary Crossword


someone who obtains money from people or forces them to do something.
informal term for British police
money or present given to someone to do something for you
person who illegally enters buildings and steals things
crime of illegally entering a building and stealing things
crime of stealing someone's car while they are using it
work people do to help others without being paid - COMMUNITY
uncomplimentary term for policeman in the United States
a public building in which courts of law are held
a room in which the legal proceedings of a court are held
sentence of punishment by execution DEATH
person against whom an action or claim is brought in court of law
physical abuse toward your spouse or domestic partner DOMESITC
driving a vehicle after drinking too much DRUNK
selling drugs DRUG
special chair used to kill a criminal with a current of electricity ELECTRIC