This line divides our globe into North and South
This is found on a map and tells us what it is about.
Music is an example of a______source
These line runs North an South on a map
Who is your W. History teacher?
Name the continent you live on.
North America
Why was this object created? This question will help you analyze this.
This stands for Before Common Era
These give you information in a visual format, using captions and call-out boxes.
You need this when traveling outside the United States of America
A documentary is an example of a ________source
A way of displaying a list of events in chronological order.
These lines run west to east on a map
These are symbolic representations of places shown in relation to one another.
To find the distance from place to place on a map, look for the_____.
This has arrows that point to all four principal directions
Compass Rose
Where do we keep our books in room 2101?
Another way to say A.D.
Ask yourself the following question when analyzing a piece of______: What is the subject of this piece?
What Junior High do you attend?

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