largest most well known civil rights movement
mandated the segregation of public facilities, including school, restaurants, bathrooms, and transportation
Jim Crow Laws
one of the founders of the NAACP, was elected board chairmen in 1915 and president 1929-1939
Joel Spingarn
proposed to attack "separate but equal" doctrine by exposing the inequality of the primary and secondary school systems
Margold Report
a bill that punished those who participated or did not prosecute participants of Lynch mobs, was never passed by US Senate
Dyer Bill
the killing, usually by hanging, of mostly African Americans who were prosecuted for a crime with or without a trial
year that the NAACP was founded
W. E. B. Du Bois founded this official magazine of the NAACP
The Crisis
14 year-old boy who was lynched, this lynching was a turning point of the Civil Rights Movement
Emmett Till
First African American justice who was a crucial component of ending segregation
City in which major lynching mobs rampaged homes, was a key component in starting the NAACP

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