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Celebrity dies (under age 50)
Royal dies
Celebrity breakup (10+yrs)
Republican sex crime
a US prez dies
House prices drop 10%
New named variant takes over
Student loans forgiven
Trump indicted
Britney pregnancy
A Fortune 500 co goes remote
Red state flips in midterms
Blue state flips in midterms
New shortage of a food staple
New vaccine brand
New booster recommended
New police brutality protests
Political overthrow somewhere
Britney engagement
House rep dies of covid
Airline merger
IPO stock trades at double
Bankruptcy of a retail brand
A state passes ranked voting
Supreme court retirement
Senator resigns
Senator dies of covid
Antivax protests in DC


Chapter 6 The Legislative Branch Crossword


Another name for a representative in the House of Reps Congressman
Title given to someone in the US Senate Senator
Minimum age to be a US Representative TwentyFive
Minimum age to be a US Senator Thirty
Number of years you must be a US Citizen to be a Representative Seven
Number of years you must be a US citizen to be a US Senator Nine
Both the House and Senate can write and vote on new US _______ laws
The House of Reps is in charge of creating _________ for the US as a way to raise money taxes
The House of Reps can make limits for _______________ trading
The House of Reps runs the US ______________________ postoffice
The House of Reps can vote to decide whether a member of the government has violated the US ______________ Constitution
The Senate can declare _____ on foreign countries war
The Senate can ratify or deny ____________ that the US makes with foreign countries treaties
The Senate can vote to approve or deny the Presidents _____________ choices Cabinet
The Senate can vote to approve or deny the Presidents ______________________ choices Supreme Court
There are a total of this many US Representatives from the 50 states fourhundredthirtyfive
This district has 3 US Representatives WashingtonDC
This is the total number of US Senators onehundred
Each US State gets this many Senators two
South Plainfield belongs to this US Representative District of New Jersey sixth
This man represents South Plainfield and 31 other towns in the US House of Reps FrankPallone
Each district of a state contains about this many people sevenhundredthousand
Number of years a Senator will serve six
Number of terms that a Representative or Senator can serve Unlimited
Title given to the leader of the House of Reps Speaker of the House
Title given to the leader of the Senate that fills in for the Vice President PresidentProTempore
Political Party that currently has the most Senators and Representatives Republicans
Name of New Jersey's Senior Senator Robert Menendez
Name of New Jersey's Junior Senator Cory Booker
State that current leader of the House of Reps is from Wisconsin
State the current substitute leader of the Senate is from Utah
Name of the current leader of the House of Reps PaulRyan
Name of the current substitute leader of the Senate OrrinHatch
The leader of the House of Reps has this place in line for the Presidency second
The substitute leader of the Senate has this place in line for the Presidency third
The lower part of Congress is called this TheHouseofRepresentatives
The upper part of the Congress is called this Senate

Legislative Branch Crossword Puzzle


The ___________ Compromise provided for a two house legislature great
A session of Congress usually lasts __________ year(s). One
When the Congress can not agree on a time to leave, the _____________ may adjourn the body. president
How is representation determined in the House of Representatives? Population
Every state in the ________________ gets equal representation Senate
Determining how many representatives each state gets is called___________________. Reapportionment
A member in the Senate must be _________________ (spell out) years old. Thirty
A member of the Senate must be a citizen for this many years nine
Redrawing district lines to benefit one political party is called gerrymandering
This body has 100 members Senate
The Congress's ability to tax is an example of an __________________ power Expressed
___________ can declare war Congress
The_________________ clause give the congress flexibility in lawmaking. (Another name for the necessary and proper clause) Elastic
If no presidential candidate wins a majority in the Electoral College, the ________ picks the President. House
The trial of an impeachment will be held in the Senate
A person who believes that legislators should use the implied powers often is a _________________ constructionist liberal
The President was impeached for violating the Tenure of Office Act. (Last name) Johnson
This body has to give advice and consent for a treaty to go through Senate
The most powerful person in the House is called the ___________ of the House Speaker
The Vice President is also _______________ of the Senate President
These people count votes whips
The President ____________________ fulfills the role of the President of the Senate, when the President of the Senate is absent protempore
The House _______________ Committee controls the flow of bills to the House floor Rules
This is a permanent committee Standing
This committee is only called for a specific purpose and is usually temporary select
This committee is composed of members of both the House and Senate Joint
This committee is formed to work out the differences between house and senate bills Conference
Most bills ___________ in committee die
If a president does not want to pass a bill sent to him by the congress he can use the veto
If a president decides not to sign a bill sent to him in the last 10 days of a session the president can use the ____________veto pocket

Nelson Mandela Crossword


Where was Mandela from? South Africa
Mandela was a___, and world leader. Civil Rights Activist
What was Mandela's birth given name? Rolihlahla
What Village was Mandela and his mother forced to move to? Qunu
The state of being apart; asssociated with racial segragation apartheid
Mandela was extremely instrumental in helping all races achieve___, and fair treatment. Equal
Mandela studied many subjects but was especially interedted in___. African History
Mandela was the first one in his family to attend___. School
Mandela's father died of which disease? Lung Disease
How old (yrs) was mandela when his father died? nine
Mandela ran away and settled in which city? Johannesburg
Mandela went to college to study what subject? Law
Mandela joined a group called the "African ___ Congress Youth League. National
He believed in peaceful, & non-violent___. Protesting
The teacher at his Cristian school gave him the name of? Nelson
In what year did Mandela organize a Workers Strike, and was arrested for it.? 1961
Nelson was arrested and sent to? Prison
Mandela was a___, and tended to the animals. Cattleboy
Mandela was persistent and never gave___. up
Mandela was a signal of___ and loyalty to his people. Strength
In 1990 a deal was worked out for Mandla's___. release
Mandela was elected as the first ___ President, by the people. black
In prison mandela secretly wrote an? Autobiography
mandela was president at age? 77
In what year did Mandela help South Africa hold the Rugby World Cup? 1995
Mandela worked bard to improve___, housing, and basic health care for all South Africans. Jobs
Mandela wanted to provide South Africans with the right to___. Vote
in what year did Mandela retire from Politics? 1999
Mandela Day is on the 18th of what month? July
Mandela day is a day to promote global___, and to celebrate African Leader's legacy. Peace
In what year did South Africa Hold thier first Democratic Elections? 1994
In 1993 Mandela was awarded a___ Peace Prize. Nobel

Legislative Branch Crossword


There are two from each state elected Senators
Senate represent______________ as a whole state
House of Senate is elected for a term of ___________ . six years
The Legislative Branch has a structure built with a __________ of two houses Congress
The number of ______________________ are based on state popluation. House of Representatives
Each House of Rep. represents a certain ___________. district
House of Rep. must be at least _________ years old twenty five
Senators must be at least _________ years old thirty
Both houses must be a ___________ of the state which elects him. resident
The _______ may approve all treaties & appointments made by the President Senate
The ________ may initiate money bills House
The Senate may ______ impeached officials try
The House may bring charges of ________________ against elected officials impeachment
The House may elect a ________ if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes President
The Senate may elect a _______________ if no candidate receives a majority of the electoral votes Vice President
How many House of Rep. are up for election during an election year? all
How many Senators are up for election during an election year? onethird
Which house is responsible for coining money, making laws, & declaring war? both

Constitution of the United States of America Crossword


Introduction to the Constitution Preamble
First ten amendments Bill of Rights
Composed of the Senate and House of Representatives;was established by the Constitution Congress
Composed of two Senators from each State Senate
A charge of misconduct made against the holder of a public office Impeachment
A formal charge or accusation of a serious crime Indictment
Articles added to the Constitution Amendments
Presided over the Constitution George Washington
The law of the land Constitution
The year the Constitution was signed 1787
Wrote the Bill of Rights James Madison
A state that was represented in the signing of the Constitution Delaware

Vocabulary- Legislative Branch Crossword


A section of the United States Constitution that enables Congress to make the laws required for the exercise of its other powers established by Constitution. necessary and proper
presidential appointments Expressed and implied powers. presidential appointments
The lower chamber of the United States Congress. house of representatives
Called into question the integrity or validity. impeach
The die for stamping metal was wedge-shaped. coin and print money
A group of people appointed for a specific function, typically consisting of members of a larger group. committees
Deliberative assembly with the authority to make laws for a political entity such as a country or city. Legislative Branch
The upper chamber of the United States Congress. Senate
Clause that allows congress to extend its delegated powers. elastic clause
A legal process by which aliens become citizens. naturalization laws
A field of law, often bracketed with antitrust including government regulation of unfair methods of competition and unfair or deceptive business acts or practices. regulation of trade
The bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States consisting of two chambers. Congress
A meeting at which local members of a political party register their preference among candidates running for office or select delegates to attend a convention. caucus
A formal act by which one state goes to war against another. Declare War
A body of advisers to the president, composed of the heads of the executive departments of the government. cabinet
The presiding officer of the United States House of Representatives. speaker of the house
The head of the minority party in a legislative body, especially the US Senate or House of Representatives. minority leader
Determines whether a person is an alien, and associated legal rights, duties, and obligations of aliens in the United states. regulation of immigration
Is elected by the Senate and is, by custom, the senator of the majority party with the longest record of continuous service. presidential appointment
The head of the majority party in a legislative body, especially the US Senate or House of Representatives. majority leader
Is more than half of the votes cast. majority votes


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Vice President
Speaker of the House
Searches and Seizures

Vocabulary Menu Creamy Crossword Pot


The ______________ is used to keep equal power among the 3 different branches Separation of power
The_________ is elected by popular vote to be the head of state Governor
The _______________ is the officer next to the Governor in the Executive Branch Lieutenant Governor
The ________ is elected to be the head of the city Mayor
The _______________ is the Legislative branch of Georgia General Assembly
The ________ is the governing party in the legislative branch made up of 56 members Senate
To ________ is the action of revoking or annulling Repeal
To_______ is to make a bill or other proposal into a law Enact
The ___________ is the lower house of the legislative branch made up of 180 members House of Representatives
A _______ is a member of the Senate Senator
A_______ is a member of the House of Representatives Representative
A_________ is a city or town that has corporate status and local government Municipality
_______ is the ability to influence behavior or actions Power
A______ is a right to reject a proposal Veto
A______is the process of passing legislation Enactment
The ___________ is the highest of Judicial Court in a state Supreme Court
The_______ is a court of appeals or a court of general jurisdiction Superior Court
A ______ is an individual who is being accused in court of law Defendant
A_________is a person who brings a case against another in court of law plaintiff
________ is the release of a defender from detention Probation
A ________ is a serious crime committed such as murder Felony
A______ is a minor wrongdoing such as shoplifting Misdemeanor
A __________ is a public official who acts as a prosecutor District Attorney
A ______ is a formal charge or accusation of a serious crime Indictment
A________ is the amount of money a company actually receives Revenue

State and local government crossword


the governing body of a nation, state, or community goverment
the most important city or town of a country or region, usually its seat of government and administrative center. Capital
a constitutional right to reject a decision or proposal made by a law-making body veto
the highest judicial court in a country or state. supreme court
a crime, typically one involving violence, regarded as more serious than a misdemeanor, and usually punishable by imprisonment for more than one year or by death Felony
the ability to do something or act in a particular way, especially as a faculty or quality power
make a law enact
income from taxes and fees Revenue
a city with its own government municipality
the release of an offender from detention, subject to a period of good behavior under supervision. probation
A minor wrong doing misdemeanor
a permanent committee that meets regularly. standing committee
general assembly is the legislative branch of the state government. In most states it comprises two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives . General assembly
Officially order to return to a place Recall
The element head of a city,town,or other municipality Mayor
laws, considered collectively. Legislation
not in accordance with a political constitution, especially the US Constitution, or with procedural rules. Unconstitutional
The lower house of the United States Congress. With 435 popularly elected officials, the House (as it is often called) is the most representative body in the federal government. House of Representatives
The division of power among the three branches of government Separation of power
Currently holding office Incumbent
A municipal body having legislative and administrative powers City Council
a member of a senate. Senator
The head of the executive branch of the state government Governor
propose or formally enter as a candidate for election or for an honor or award. Nominate
the action of taking something for one's own use, typically without the owner's permission. appropriations

Principles of the Constitution Crossword


Law-making Branch LEGISLATIVE
Law-enforcing Branch EXECUTIVE
Law-interpreting Branch JUDICIAL
In Congress, 1 of 100 SENATOR
First 10 Amendments BILLOFRIGHTS
1st says: say what you want (2 wds.) FREESPEECH
2nd says: right to ___ (2 wds.) BEARARMS
Law of the Land CONSTITUTION
3rd says: they can't stay SOLDIERS
Half of Congress: 1 of 3 HOUSE
Half of Congress: 2 of 3 OF
Half of Congress: 3 of 3 REPRESENTATIVES
Before it alaw BILL
Change to the Constitution AMENDMENT
Simply, doc to search your stuff WARRANT
5th says: right to remain __ SILENT
Type of court for 6th CRIMINAL
Type of court for 7th CIVIL
President of the Senate VICEPRESIDENT
Powers given to the fed. gvmnt. ENUMERATED
Powers given to the States RESERVED
8th says: no unusual __ PUNISHMENT
Gvmt. pay for what they take away (2 wds.) EMINENTDOMAIN
Intro to Constitution PREAMBLE
"...provide for the common __" DEFENSE
"...secure the blessings of __" LIBERTY
"1st Constitution"? ARTICLES
Chief Executive; commander-in-Chief, ... PRESIDENT
"People Rule": 1 of 2 POPULAR
Principle of shared power between fed gvmt & states FEDERALISM
Greatest power of Sup. Court: 1 of 2 JUDICIAL
Greatest power of Sup. Court: 2 of 2 REVIEW
Full Faith and __ CREDIT
__ & Proper: The Elastic Clause NECESSARY
Powers shared by nat. & state gvmts. CONCURRENT
To approve an Amendment RATIFY
6th says: right to a __ LAWYER
__ Clause: nothing higher than Constitution SUPREMACY
"People Rule": 2 of 2 SOVEREIGNTY