When does the embryo's heart start to beat?
six weeks
A vascular organ that forms inside the uterus and transfers nutrients.
Tiny outgrowths of the placenta where the transfer from the umbilical cord takes place.
Chorionic villi
This forms inside the cervix to form a barrier to the outside of the body.
mucous plug
At eight weeks the embryo is called this.
soft spots on the baby's head are called this.
A head to tail pattern.
This is another word for pregnancy.
When the baby would be able to survive on its own.
This is those first fluttering movements of baby within the uterus.
A pregnancy is divided into three terms at a time, they are called...
This is the moment the sperm penetrates the egg.
The ovaries produce high dosages of the hormone.
This is the opening of the uterus.
Another name for egg.
This is the thick. muscular wall of the uterus.
The hand-like portions at the end of the Fallopian tubes.
This is also known as the womb.
This is when the fertilized egg burrows into the lining.
This is the baby's lifeline, it transfers nutrients, oxygen, and hormones from the mother to the baby.
umbilical cord

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