safety crossword for textiles

you can draw on fabric with this
You use this to protect or bobbin
the needle you use on a sewing machine
make sure to remove the what before sewing
Do not _______ in the texiles room as it can be dangerous
do not operate equipment with_______ hands
turn____ off after use and do not touch the soulplate as it may be hot
Use a _____ ______ to undo and stitching mistakes
Use a _____ ____ to measure fabric
__________ _________ produce a zig zag cut
You use these to hand sew
Use these to cut fabric
use to hold fabric in correct position while sewing
This creates a stitch
never ______ the sewing machine at high speeds
do not iron unless the cord has been _____________

Sewing Tools Crossword

Sewing Tools Crossword

Tool used to cut fabric
Item used to hold material together while stitching
Item used to close coat
Fabric used to create a tied blanket
Material used to create a quilt
Sharp object that interweaves thread
Machine used to sew fabric
Item used to close a shirt
Stitch used to finish a seam
Item that holds the fabric while sewing
Item used to remove wrinkles from fabric
What you follow to creat a garment or quilt
Section of a quilt
Shape used in quilting
Fabric used to finish a quilt
Fabric that is inside a suit jacket
Material used to mark fabric

Textiles Crossword

Textiles Crossword

What fibre is your fabric for your boxer shorts?
Cotton is __________ to wear and suitable for summer
Cotton ___________ easily and will require ironing
An advantage of cotton
What line do you follow on the sewing machine to sew a seam?
Name the piece of equipment you use to prevent the edge of fabric from fraying?
What is the stitch length for a straight stitch?
Name the 6th item you need to take to the sewing machine: pin cushion, thread, bobbin, scissors, fabric and _________
Equipment used for pressing a garment
Name the item you use to remove stitching from your sewing
A ________ is 1.5cm.
Used for hand or machine sewing
Used for drawing striaght lines or measuring
Holds fabric together
Used for cutting fabric
A pencil used for marking on fabric
The bottom thread which comes off the small green plastic disk
You place the reel of thread on this to thread the machine

sewing equipment review Crossword

sewing equipment review Crossword

used to hold fabric together; has a ball on the top
measure seam allowances and hems
used for safe storage of the pins
used to cut paper
used to hold fabrics together specifically knits
To take body measurements, Measure fabric and Measure pattern pieces
Used to cut fabrics, and thread, bent handle allows fabric to lay flat while cutting
Used to mark patterns onto fabric
Used to transfer pattern mrkings onto fabrics, can be brushed off easily
Used to protect fingers while hand stitching
Used to apply buttons, snaps, mend clothing
A pressing tool helpful in pressing smaller curved seams, like sleeves
A firm round cushion used to press larger curved areas, like darts
used to remove stitches with a small blade
Level sturdy surface used to press fabrics
Used to help individuals thread the needle
Used to mark darts, notches, disappears
Metal appliance used to press and steam fabrics
Used to finish raw edges, helps prevent raveling
True or False? Before sewing, the needle and bobbin threads should be under and behind the presser foot.

Sewing Terms Crossword Puzzle

Sewing Terms Crossword Puzzle

It holds the fabric in place where the needle is stitching the fabric on at sewing machine (2 words)
It protects your finger as you sew by hand. It can be used to push the needle through the fabric.
This type of stitching is temporary to hold fabric in place and then pulled out later in the project
This is threaded and used to sew fabric together
An iron is used to do this. Steam can be used. The iron is held in one place at a time while doing this.
Most thread comes on one of these
These are used to hold fabric together before the fabric goes through the sewing machine.
The finished edge on the bottom of a dress or sleeve.
The "pretty side" of the fabric. The part of the fabric with the design to be shown on the outside of the project.
They are used to cut fabric.
A fabric that covers up the inside seams of a garment or sometimes used in a tote bag.
These help move the fabric through the sewing machine by grabbing the fabric with metal teeth (2 words)
This is used to hold the fabric together in a finished garment or project.
This can be used to open and close a bag or the back of a dress or the fly of pants.
A valuable tool in the sewing room to give a garment a finished look. It is used after sewing the seams together.
A three layered item with stitching through all three layers to hold them together. It can be used as a bed spread.
The line of stitching holding pieces of fabric together for crafts of clothing.
Pressing or ironing is done with this tool. It can get very hot.

Sewing Equipment Crossword

Sewing Equipment Crossword

A flexible tape that is 60 inches long, used for body measurements
Used for removing stitches and has a small blade on the end.
Used with tracing paper to transfer lines on fabric. Most common one has a saw-tooth blade.
Shears that have a zig zag design to help prevent raveling.
Used to measure short lengths, such as hem and seam widths. Is 6 inces long and has plastic sliding marker.
Used to hold two layers of fabric together.
Used for cutting fabric and has a bent handle,. One handle is larger than the other.
Small squares used for marking fabric.
Used to get the wrnkles out of fabric.
A firm, round cushion used to press curved areas of a garment.
Tool used to help protect fingers when sewing by hand.
A long metal rod with a hook that is used to bias tubing right side out.
Something you shoudl ALWAYS be aware of when sewing

Sewing machine parts Crossword

Sewing machine parts Crossword

changes stitch length and width
holds the top thread in place
a tension disc that regulates tension for bobbin winding
leads thread to needle
controls flow of needle thread must be threaded properly or machine will not work properly
set tension according to fabric, stitch, and thread
has measurements to help you sew straight, supports fabric during sewing
can stitch backwards to lock stitches in place
holds needle into place
holds fabric against feed system/ teeth
attaches presser foot to machine-button to release foot and can change easily to attach different feet
guides thread when winding bobbins
controls movement of take up lever and needle, turn wheel towards you to stitch slowly
guide when making buttonholes
raises and lowers presser foot
moves fabric along under presser foot

Hand - Sewing Crossword Puzzle

Hand - Sewing Crossword Puzzle

Tool makes it easier to remove stitches along seam
These are the best choice for cutting out pattern pieces
Used to measure your body
Measure long, straight distances with this
short ruler with adjustable slide
used to cut a zigzag edge to minimize fraying
Long temporary stitch done by hand or machine
small items used in sewing, such as thread, buttons, snaps, ect
the line on which the seam is stitched
finished edge of woven fabrics that runs parallel to the lengthwise grain
Secure stitching by ________ the thread at the cut end before stitching and at the end of stitching
very strong stitch used in variety of ways: to repair seams, for topstitching and for hand sewing
used to prevent flat, raw edges from ravelling or to minimize the bulk of seam allowance when sewing two layers of fabric together by hand
stitch used for either a flat edge or an edge which has been turned under
"invisible" stitch used to connect two folded pieces of fabric or one flat and one folded piece
It protects your finger as you sew by hand.
This is threaded and used to sew fabric together.
Most thread comes on one of these
These are used to hold fabric together before the fabric is sown together either by hand or machine.
The "pretty side of the fabric. The part of the fabric with the design to be shown on the outside of the garment.
this is used to hold the fabric together in a finished garment or craft.
The line of stitching holding pieces of fabric together for crafts or clothing.
Pass sharp objects to others with the _________ first.
Pins and needles should never be placed in your _________.
When no in use scissors should be left __________.

TEXTILES Crossword

TEXTILES Crossword

Name the piece of equipment used to prevent the edge of the fabric from fraying.
Tool that holds fabric in place while sewing.
Tool used to cut fabric.
Tool used to remove stitches when a mistake is made.
The edge at the bottom of a garment is called the ______.
A material which has edges that do not fray.
Used for making temporary marks on fabric.
Equipment used for pressing a garment.
Used for storage of pins.
Fabric scissors should only be used to cut ___________.
Used to take body measurements.
Tool used for hand embroidery.
A fibre derived from the hair of a domesticated animal, usually sheep.
The clear plastic disk which is placed in the bottom of the machine.
Cotton ____________ easily and will require ironing.
When you sew two piece of fabric together, it is called a ______________
Cotton is ____________ to wear and suitable for summer
The two reinforced edges of a piece of fabric.
To ensure stitching does not come undone you need to ___________
Occupational Health and __________.
The person you are designing for.
The paragraph which sets up the initial problen for the designer is called the ___________.

Sewing Machine Parts Crossword

Sewing Machine Parts Crossword

Holds the thread
Keeps the thread in place
You can wind thread around it
Where do you place the bobbin while winding
What helps when winding the bobbin
A plastic piece that is placed on the needle plate
Desired stitch pattern
Has dashes usually set at 2.5
Controls the zig zag
Moves up and down with needle
Underneath the needle and presser foot
Always turn it towards you
What do press to sew backwards
Turn on and off
Keeps the needle in place
How do you hold the fabric in place
What pulls the fabric forward
Stitch garments

Sewing Term Crossword Puzzle

Sewing Term Crossword Puzzle

Used to secure fabric together when sewing
sewing tool used for measuring short spaces such as hems
Notion used to sew a garment together with a machine or needle
Needed for cutting fabric has a raised handle and uneven holes
Used to protect your finger while you sew
Conveniently holds pins and needle while you sew
Used to remove stitches
Flexible tape used to take body measurments
Equipment used to press seams and to remove wrinkles in fabric
Large and expensive sewing tool
Part the feed the fabric through a sewing machine
Never sew over this notion
Always watch the seam guide not the
Bottom thread in called a
Always do this when threading a sewing machine