triangle shirtwaist factory fire Crossword

how many people died
what century did this occur
how high was the building
what gender was the majority of workers
how much was their average pay per week
what ages were the women
most workers were what race
how many hours did they usually work
how many mintues did it take for all 146 girls to die
owners of the company were ordered to stand trial on charges of what
most of the women were
where did the fire happen
who owned the company
the triangle company was the largest manufacturer of

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Crossword Puzzle

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire Crossword Puzzle

what didnt work and could have been useful to get out of the fire ?
how tall was the building ?
what day did this take place ?
how did the fire start ?
why couldn't they put the fire out ?
what floor did this happen on ?
fire escape ?
Approximately how many people died
What was the problem with the stair exit doors ?
proprietors of the Triangle Shirtwaist factory?
who worked there ?
how did some die
died how ?
young female immigrants where ?

Triangle shirtwaist fire Crossword

Triangle shirtwaist fire Crossword

What factory in New York that caught on fire ?
Products they made in the company
Where was the triangle located
Who were most of the workers
Who was Samuel Bernstein ?
Who were fighting the fire ?
What floor caught on fire first ?
Who informed the owners that there was a fire .
On eight floor how many ways are there out ?
Who was Abe Gordon, one of the first to reach the fire escape ?
What floor was locked by the Washington place stairs ?
Who did the governor blame for the fire ?
Blanck and Harris were indicted for what ?
What effect did the triangle shirtwaist fire have on the industrial scene ?

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Crossword

Triangle Shirtwaist Factory Fire Crossword

146 ______ workers were killed in the incident
Around 275 people worked on the _________ floor.
There were only ______ four ways out of the building.
The ______ _______ only reached the second floor
Stairwell doors opened ________ trapping large groups of people.
Fire Engines were powered by ________.
The first hore drawn pumper was #__________.
The owner had _____ duaghters with him.
The factory fire happened in the _________ building
The incident happened ________ 25th, 1911
because of this people now have better ___________ conditions
Most workers in the factory were young ______________.
The building was owned by Max _______ and Isaiah Harris
The owners refused to install __________ because of corruption.

Night : Elie Wiesel Crossword

Night : Elie Wiesel Crossword

What were the German secret police called?
Where was Elie Wiesel was born?
How many people did they pack into the convoys?
What was the name of the women screaming on the train?
What was the name of Elie's father?
Who first warned everyone about the Holocaust? (His tutor)
How old was Elie when he first arrived in Birkenau?
What major camp did Elie go to that was located in Poland?
What food were given at the camps?
What did Elie inherit from his father?
Elie's father died of what disease?
How many other siblings does Elie have?
Elie had surgery on his what?
Jews had to wear the yellow
What was Elie’s younger sister’s name
The blank was used to separate the weak from the healthy
During the selection this doctor told the prisoners to go left Or right
They burned people in a what
What did they tatoo on the prisoners to identify them instead of names
The dentist was checking for only one thing; Elie was marked for this.
The prisoners walked here from Auschwitz
What was Elie’s dad’s last word
Number of people who survived the train ride to Buchenwald
Who guarded the concentration camps
Known as Auschwitz ll

The Boston Tea Party Crossword

The Boston Tea Party Crossword

Most of the protesters were what?
It was a what?
How much tea was dumped?
The colonists thought King George was a what?
When did this take place?
What color was the water?
How long was the Tea Party?
How many chests were hauled overboard?
How many people were hurt
Where did this take place?
How many buildings were there in total?
the Main City had a population of how many?
In 1765, what imposed the Stamp Act on America
Samuel Adams was a what kind of a person?
Samuel studied atwhat college?
Boston workers and teadesmen founded the Sons of what?
In 1768 the king sent how many soldiers?
The event on march 5 is known as what?
No one was worked harder than who
The colonists dressed like what

Shakespeare & Elizabethan Era Crossword

Shakespeare & Elizabethan Era Crossword

Shakespeare's place of birth.
Name of Shakespeare's wife.
Shakespeare's most famous play.
The movie 'She's the man' is based on this play.
The most famous playwright during the Elizabethan times.
A famous actor who performs for Shakespeare and their group.
This colour is a sign of royalty.
In Elizabethan times, where did one get the dye of the colour of royalty from?
When were plays held?
What did clothes represent?
How much did groundlings pay to watch a performance at the theatre?
Women fixed their hair with a wire frame that formed a __________ shape during the Elizabethan times.
What were the toilets called in that period of time?
The Black Death is also known as the _______________ .
Men and women wore ______________ that were influenced by Spanish couture.
How was the Black Death spread?
Where did the costumes for the performances come from?
Who played a woman's part in a play?
What was the number one job for women during the Elizabethan era?
The punishment for women who gossiped too much were put in a brank, paraded around town and ________________.
The name of one of Shakespeare's relatives who was arrested and executed for plotting against Queen Elizabeth.
What was the name of Shakespeare's son who died in 1596?
A story of a person's life written in the words of another person.
What was Shakespeare's first name?

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

Edgar Allan Poe Crossword

What did Poe's mom come to America to be?
What is a Baltimore Lemonade?
What did Poes dad die of?
What was the poem that Poe made for his wife that was originally called "To Virginia"
What couldnt Poe afford for his dying wife Virginia?
When you have consumption was are you drowning in?
What did Poe's mom die of?
What was Poe's dads name?
What was the name of Poe's dad?
Who did Poe go to lunch with?
What does Poe watch his mother do?
What was Poe's birth name?
What was the name of Poe's Mother?
Where did Poe go to school (private school)?
Who adopted Poe?
What does Poe fall into and goes into a coma?
Poe was the first to write___ stories
What did Poes mom play in the play Romeo and Juliet?
Name of Poe's aunt
Where does Poe want to go to be an editor?
Last name of famous author from the early 1800s
What was Dickins pet?
Color Poe used to resemble death
Where does Poe live?
What were red flower was on the handkerchiefs so it would disguise if the women were sick?
Most popular poem of Poes
What did Poe use to learn in school?
What university did Poe attend?
What was the name of his cousin that he fell in love with?
How much money does Poe make on his pieces of writing?

Athens and Sparta Crossword

Athens and Sparta Crossword

Which empire took control of Athens?
Spartian warriors were known for their skill and ___
How many kings ruled the city of Sparta?
Athens was a powerful ___
Building this structure was an achievement in Athens
8,000 of these ruled over 10,000 slaves
Women in Athens had lots of ___
The Assembly met on top of this hill
How many social classes did Athens have?
What was the lowest social class in Athens?
Athens had four of these around their city
What class were the farmers in in Sparta?
A famous philosopher in Athens
At what age were boys in Sparta taken from their parents and trained for warfare?
Athens had this type of government
What did Sparta do early on to the land around them
Who was the king who helped Sparta defeat Troy?
What was the name of the middle class in Sparta?
War between Athens and Sparta
This caused lots of people in Athens to become sick and die

Tudor Crossword

Tudor Crossword

Who was the fith wife of Henry the 8th
How many kids did Henry the 7th have?
What was the name of Henry the 8th son?
At what age did Elizabeth the 1st die?
How many wives did Henry have?
How many Children did Elizabeth the first have ?
Who was the mother of Edward the 1st?
What was Henry the 8ths new religion?
How many years did Elizabeth the 1st reign?
What was the name of the battle of Henry the 7th and Richard the 3rd?
How old was king Edward the 6th when he claimed the throne?
What was the name of the wife that outlived Henry the 8th?
What was Mary Tudors " nick name "?
Who did Marget the 1st marry?

Declaration of Independence Crossword

Declaration of Independence Crossword

Who has the first and the biggest signature on the Declaration of Independence?
Who was the oldest person to sign the Declaration of Indepencence?
Who wrote the Preamble?
Who was the last person to sign the Declaration of Independence?
What crime were the signers commit when they signed the Declaration Independence?
How many people signed the Declaration of Independence
What year was the Declaration of Independence written?
What was the age difference between the youngest and oldest signer?
What day celebrates the signing of the Declaration of Independence?
Who wrote everything but the Preamble of the Declaration of Independence?
How many days did it take to write the Declaration of Independence?
How many grievances were there in the List of Grievances?
How many signers were from England?
Who helped write the Declaration of Independence but did not sign it?
What was the average age of the signers?
What state had the most amount of signers?
What state had the least amount of signers?
What day was the Declaration of Independence actually signed?
What person was the List of Grievances written about?
How many colonies were there when the Declaration of Independence was written?
How many people who signed the Declaration of Independence became president?
What is the name of the opening statement of the Declaration of Independence?
What future president did not sign the Declaration of Independence?
Where was the Declaration of Independence signed?
Where was the Declaration of Independence during World War 2?
Who was the only person to live to the 50th anniversary of the signing?
How many signers died on the 50th anniversary of the signing?
What city has the Declaration of Independence been in since December 12. 1952?
What city rioted after George Washington read the Declaration of Independence in City Hall?
How many signers were educated at Harvard University?