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Esthetician crossword part 1

Esthetician crossword part 1

how are the units of energy measured in food?
The science that studies relationships bwtween people and their work environment is called
which type of business is owned by the shareholders or members who have funds invested in the company
What type of insurance covers the cost of a lawsuit or settlement resulting from damage inflicted on a client during a service
utilities, supplies, cost of promotions, postage and taxes are identified as which type of costs
If the skin care centers income is greater than the operating expences, the skin center is concidered operating at
which microorganism is an infectious agent that replicates itself only within cells of living hosts
place where you can find hazzards associated with products
which muscles respond to conscious commands
the fluid part of the blood which red and white blood cells and blood platlets and suspended is called
constant direct current of low voltage and high amperage in electrotherapy is

Tamuning Dialysis Holiday Activity #1 Crossword

Tamuning Dialysis Holiday Activity #1 Crossword

Most common disease contributing to the need for dialysis.
Milk products, bananas, cantaloupe, oranges, potatoes, beans and tomatoes are all high in this.
Excess fluid in the body can cause ____ (swelling).
The number one way to reduce infections. (2 words)
One of the main functions of the kidneys is to ____ waste from blood.
Goal weight when you leave dialysis. (2 words)
Chewing ____ can help with thirst.
Lean meats, eggs, and fish are all good sources of ____ to keep albumin levels up.
What you need to get your medication from the pharmacy. (Only providers can give this.)
Too much of this in your diet can increase thirst.
A condition of reduced blood cells.
What is the name of the facility?
Fruit that is toxic to dialysis patients.
Treatment for people who have kidney failure.
Too much fluid can cause a strain on which major organ?
Fistula, Catheter, and Grafts
A doctor who specializes in kidney failure.
The second leading cause of kidney failure in the United States after diabetes.
Someone who provides an organ or tissue for transplant.
A symptom of high blood pressure.
Phosphate binders should be taken ____ meals.
Kidneys are only about the size of your ____.
Medication that controls the phosphate level in your blood are called phosphate _____. (Hint: Renvela or Calcium Acetate/Phoslo)
High ____ levels can cause itchy skin, weak bones, and damage your heart.
High phosphorous levels can make your skin ____.

River Landscapes Crossword


A type of erosion process; stones carried along scratch the river bed and banks (like sandpaper).
A type of erosion process; rocks being transported bump against each other and break into smaller, smoother, rounder particles.
Particles in running water, which are transported along the river bed. Generally, the bedload in the lower course is smaller and more rounded compared to the bedload in the upper course, which is bigger and coarser.
A type of river profile; shows what a cross-section of a river’s channel and valley looks like.
The process of depositing or dropping off any material when a river lacks energy for transportation.
The process of wearing away rock and soil in a river bed and banks; also, breaking of rocks carried by the river.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; where river meets sea; river slows down and broadens; tides clear out materials into the sea; remaining sediments form mudflats.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; wide and flat land around the river; covered during floods, the river reduces energy and deposits alluvium (fertile silt/sand), which is good for farming.
A type of erosion process; the power of flowing water smashes against the river banks, causes air to be trapped in cracks, and eventually breaks the rock.
An example of erosional landforms in the upper course; a series of land ridges protruding interchangeably from either side of a valley with the river zigzagging between them.
An example of depositional landforms in the lower course; natural embankment along the river banks; bigger particles deposited closest to the river and build up after many floods.
A type of river profile; a line representing the change in gradient (steepness of slope) with distance from river’s source to mouth.
One of the stages that features the following: more deposition; large amounts of load but very small and rounded (fine sediment); channel is deepest and widest; flat land.
Example of erosional and depositional landforms in the middle course; large curves in a river; forms when lateral erosion widens the river to the right side then left side with more water and more energy.
One of the river stages that features the following: more lateral erosion and deposition; load is smaller and less angular; channel is deeper and wider; U-shaped.
An example of erosional & depositional landforms in the middle course; cut-off part of a meander; forms when erosion tightens the neck and during flood, higher discharge of eroded materials breaks the neck, leaving behind a horseshoe-shaped loop.
A type of transportation process; small pebbles are bounced along the river bed.
A type of transportation process; minerals are dissolved and carried along in water
A type of erosion process; water reacts with chemicals and dissolves rocks.
A type of transportation process; lighter material (like sand, silt, clay) is suspended or carried in the water.
A type of transportation process; large stones are rolled along the river bed.
The process of picking up sediment and carrying it downstream.
One of the river stages that features the following: vertical erosion; load is large and angular; channel is shallow and narrow; steep sided V-shaped valleys.
A measure of how rapidly the water moves over a quantified distance (speed = distance/time). It usually rises with increasing distance downstream, as more water is added to rivers.

Medicine Through Time Crossword

Medicine Through Time Crossword

A drug that puts the patient into a deep sleep so that they can be operated on
Putting donated blood into the body
An injection given as a precaution against getting the disease
Spread easily from one person to another
A serious disease that infects the lungs and is highly contagious
An operation by a doctor on a patient in a hospital
When doctors cut into someone's body to repair or remove a damaged part
An antibiotic that stops germs from growing
A drug that is used in medicine to kill bacteria and to cure infections
A workplace where scientists do experiments

Coach Swopes PE Puzzle Crossword


During warm ups what you do with your fingertips on the ball
During warm ups what do you do to practice dribbling
When you move the ball around the body during warmups.
When dribbling the basket ball we use these.
Where should your eyes be when dribbling.
Where the ball is positioned when dribbling.
Alternating hands when dribbling is also called.
Dribbling the ball from side to side in front of the body
Alternate dribbling through the legs is also called this.
Dribbling while on one or both knees.
Dribbling while siting on the ground.

Laundry Crossword


What is it called to divide clothes into different groups?
What do you call the process of using chemicals to clean clothes?
Before you wash clothes, you should empty these.
This product will remove color and stains from white fabric.
What is the safest water temperature for washing and rinsing all clothing?
Dark colors should never be washed with ____?_____ colors.
What is the biggest problem with NOT cleaning your lint trap?
A special soap used to wash clothes
What do you use to remove wrinkles out of clothes?
You can use this hair product to remove ink from clothes.
You might have to wear these clothes to work.
Use these to store dirty clothes
__________ the washer will not get clothes clean. Fill washer 3/4 full max.
Read this before you sort the laundry. (two words-no space)

Cardiac Rehab Week Crossword

Cardiac Rehab Week Crossword

A term used to describe high blood pressure
This food item directly affects blood pressure
Each exercise session should last no less than
You should exercise at least ____ times per week
The bad form of cholesterol is (abbreviation)
The preventable form of diabetes is
____ is the amount of energy it costs to complete a task
The amount of sessions each patient gets to complete Cardiac Rehab
The amount of years Cardiac Rehab has been here at MHWZ
____ is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels
Who is the medical director over Cardiac Rehab?

VAS Crossword


Closed Presentation, clipped on inside both sides
Non-Tucked, clipped on both sides, able to see both pockets from front
Closed Presentation, tucked on left side
can involve a tuck, NOT always
Can be placed in multiple areas based on given instructions
can be placed in one area, on 1 specific side
what side should be tucked for a single tuck?
If the letter "S" or word "Sizer" is not included in instruction, hanger should be?
on a single tuck, which side is NOT tucked?
How many inches should a size strip be from its instructed side?
What is put on the hanger to give more detailed information about the garment on it?
which way should the hook on the hanger be facing once completed instructions for processing.
what is received if product is sent out incorrectly/wrong?
Adidas wants __(blank?)__ over quantity?
what is the presentation that NEVER involves a tuck?
price tickets can go to on the front or back of these, what are they?
What does "VAS" stand for?
if the __(blank?)__ doesn't match remove the MSRP?
What is the price on the white tag called?
How many icons should be on each side of the garment when placing size strips?

Economic Terms Crossword


The word for exchanging goods and services, sometime between countries
Something that a person would like but is not necessary for their survival.
When money or goods are traded or exchanged for other goods or services
When a company focuses on a small range of products in order to more efficient and their business more profitable.
The person selling the goods or providing the service.
When a person keeps their money instead of spending it.
What people must give up in order to get what they want the most
What a person requires to live - food, water, shelter
A decision that must be made, the object or lesser value is given up and exchanged for something of more value.
The person receiving the goods or services.
How efficient a good or service is produced in order to increase profit.
Something that motivates someone to buy an item.

Hockey Crossword

Hockey Crossword

How many players do each team have?
What is the name of the player who participates in faceoffs?
What type of penalty puts you in the penalty box for 2 minutes? (minor or major)
What type of penalty results in you being put in the penalty box for 5 minutest? (minor or major)ut in the penalty box for ut in the penalty box for
What type of penalty could result in ejection after getting two major penalties?
What is the name of the penalty for hitting the puck from behind the center line and the puck going behind the goal line?
Name of the substitution where you substitute without stopping play? (no spaces between words)
Blue area in front of the goal that protects the goalie.
During a stopping of play the referee will drop the puck between two centers. (no space between words)
A free shot for a player after they get illegally hit from behind. (no space between words)
When a team has more players on the ice because of a player being in the penalty box (no space between words)