The Articles of Confederation Word Search
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english bill of rights
Great Compromise
New Jersey plan
land ordinance
Virginia plan
daniel shays
magna carta

The Articles of Confederation Crossword

The Articles of Confederation Crossword

the right to vote
a set of basic principles and laws that states the powers and duties of the government
official approval
set up a system for surveying and dividing western lands
was organized to create a national government
this document made the King subject to law
a philosophical movement that emphasized the use of reason to examine old ideas
the oldest state constitution still in effect
this state allowed women to vote when it first joined the United States
the only way to achieve liberty was through the separatio of governmental powers
a social contract existed between rulers and the people they ruled
Under________only free white men that owned property could vote
The new national constitution
created a system for bringing in new states to the Union
_________________ was banned in the Northwest Territory
Under the Articles of Confederation there was no___________________
he believed in religious freedom

Constitutional Convention Crossword

Constitutional Convention Crossword

Delegate to the Constitutional Convention from the state of Virginia; a leader in the fight against ratification who refused to sign the Constitution because it did not include a bill of rights.
Famous scientist and statesman; delegate from the state of Pennsylvania who lent his wit and wisdom to the Convention.
Delegate from Virginia who was the first recognized speaker at the Convention; he is credited with proposing the Virginia Plan.
Delegate from the state of New Jersey at the Convention who presented an alternative to the Virginia Plan that came to called the New Jersey Plan.
Delegate to the Convention from the state of New York he is credited with writing many of The Federalist Papers essays in 1788.
Delegate from Virginia who came out of retirement and was chosen as the president of the Convention.
Delegate who was elected in Virginia to attend the Convention but refused; he led the fight as an Anti-Federalist and would not vote for ratification of the Constitution unless it included a bill of rights. "He said he smell a rat in Philadelphia tending toward monarchy"
Chosen as the Secretary of Foreign Affairs for the Confederation Congress; he wrote some of The Federalist Papers.
Delegate from the state of Connecticut at the Convention who proposed the Great Compromise, which became the basis for the first 3 articles of the Constitution.
Massachusetts farmer who led a failed rebellion on a federal arsenal in an attempt to provide debt relief to farmers in his state.
Delegate from Virginia at the Convention who took thorough notes of the convention’s proceedings, his notes are the most detailed picture of what took place; he did most of the actual writing of the Constitution and is often referred to as the “Father of the Constitution.”

Unit 4 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Unit 4 Vocabulary Crossword Puzzle

Who supported the ratifying of the Constitution?
What does it mean to approve something?
This created a bicameral house in Congress
This compromise called for 3 out of 5 slaves for voting
Benefited the larger states
benefited the smaller states
What convention was held to revise the government?
This rebellion was lead by Daniel Shay
What outlined the expansion of Ohio River Valley territory?
What was the first unsuccessful form of government?

Foundations of the U.S. Government Word Search

Foundations of the U.S. Government Word Search
Word Search

constitutional principles
classical republicanism
house of reprsentatives
iroquois confederation
core democratic values
consent ofthegoverned
checks and balances
northwest ordinance
petition of right
mayflower compact
federalist papers
great compromise
new jersey plan
spirit of laws
natural rights
bill of rights
habeas corpus
divine right
common sense
thomas paine
civic virtue
magna carta
common good
jogn locke

Origins of American Government Crossword

Origins of American Government Crossword

Consisting of two houses
A charter agreed to by King John of England that granted nobles certain rights and restricted the King's powers
A colony that was based on a grant of land by the English monarch to a proprietor, or owner, in exchange for a yearly payment
Colonies based on a grant of land by the British crown to a company or a group of settlers
An alliance formed in 1643 by the Plymouth, Connecticut, Massachussetts Bay, and New Haven colonies in order to defend themselves from threats posed by Native Americans and by settlers from near by Dutch colonies
First Plan for uniting the colonies, proposed by Benjamin Franklin
Law passed by English parliament that required a government tax stamp on paper goods and all legal documents
A meeting of colonial delegates in Philidelphia to decide how to respond to the abuses of authority by the British government
A declaration of citizen's rights issued by the Virginia Convention
The document that created the first central government for the United States. It was replaced by the Constitution in 1789
Formally approved
Legislation passed by Congress to establish a plan for settling the North West territory
Delegates of Constitutional Convention who developed the framework for the government and wrote the Constitution
The plan for government in which the national government would have supreme power and a legislative branch would have two houses with represenatives determined by state population
A proposal to create a unicameral legislature with equal representation of states instead or representation by population
An agreement worked out at the Constitutional Convention established that a states population would determine representation in the lower house of legislature, while each state would have equal representation in the upper house
Group of people who supported the adoption of the U.S. Constitution and a strong national government
Group of people who opposed the adoption of the Constitution
The pen name that the framers Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay used when writing the Federalist Papers
The first ten ammendments to the U.S. Constitution concerning basic individual liberties

Articles of Confederation Crossword

Articles of Confederation Crossword

The Bill of Rights idea came from the .... Bill of Rights of 1689
Before the Articles of Confederation, each state came up with their own ....
Because Massachusetts legislature refused to give debts relief the farmers started the.....
The new states Ohio, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Wisconsin, and part of Minnesota were called...
Maryland became the ....... state to accept the Articles of Confederation
Hundreds of soldiers circled the ...... state house where congress was meeting
This document tells how the Northwest Territory's are to be govern
The Confederation said the each state would have only ..... vote in Congress
The first plan of a national government was called: The Articles of....
People get to pick the representatives that govern them in a....

constitution Word Search

constitution Word Search
Word Search

articles of confederation
New England Confedration
Three fifths compromise
English bill of right
separation of powers
virginia declaration
checks and balances
Northwest ordinance
second continental
charter colonies
first continetal
Great compromise
New jersey plan
shays rebellion
Petition right
royal colonies
Virginia plan
Magna carter
rule of law
Stamp Act

4.1 Crossword Articles of Confederation

4.1 Crossword Articles of Confederation

form of a government in which officials are elected by people
A lawmaking body made up of a single house
a lawmaking body made up of two houses
The original constitution drafted by the Continental Congress in 1777
Congress that designed a loose confederation of 13 states
National government that compromised a congress of delegates chosen by state legislatures
A vast territory north of the Ohio River & west of the Pennsylvania as far as the Mississippi River
A law which designed a system for managing & settling lands in the Northwest Territory
A law which provided a basis for governing the Northwest Territory
A farmers rebellion of Daniel Shay's against higher taxes in Massachusetts

Constitution Word Search

Constitution Word Search
Word Search

Articles of Confederation
Legislative Branch
Check and Balances
Independence Hall
Executive Branch
Thomas Jefferson
Judicial Review
Judicial Branch
New Jersey Plan
Bill of Rights
Virginia Plan
Supreme Court
James Madison

Civics Chpt 2 Crossword

Civics Chpt 2 Crossword

Obey the king as long as the king protects there natural rights
Most important law passed under parliament
Social contract which was signed to make laws
Laws passed by the British
Where the Deceleration of Independance was signed
Couldn't tax colonies, couldn't fix trade, each states only got one vote
Biggest Success under the A of C and won new land to expand states
Representative number based on population
Equal number of representatives
Slaves would count as a fraction of a person
Government can't interfere until 1808
Approval of a constitution or treaty
Supported the constitution
Opposed the constitution
Citizens angry over taxes
Departments of foreign affairs, war, and the treasury