It is the study of human behavior?
The scientific study of crime and criminal?
The temcriminology was originally derived from Italian word
His the study of human society, its origin, structure and function and direction
It refers to the study of the role of the victim in the commission of a crime
It is the most essential part of the definition of the criminal law
He is recognized as the first codifier of laws
Who stated that crime is normal in a society
A sexual relationship between person closely related by blood
The law that provides Board Examination for Criminologists in the Philippines
The first IQ test was developed by a French psychologist
Conceded factors such as insanity might inhibit the exercise of free will
His great contributions to criminology were the principle of Utilitarianism and the Felicific Calculus
He is an Italian philosopher and politican best known for this treatise on crimes and punishment
He is the acknowledged Father of Criminology
Cesare Lombroso classifies this type of criminla with five (5) or more atavistic stigmata
An act or omission in violation of the public law commanding or forbidding it
An attempt to determine intelligence and personality on the basis of the size and shape of the skull
Talland thin less social and more intellectual than the other types
Have well-developed muscles and an athletic appearance
Heavy builds and slow moving
The transmission of traits from parents to offspring
It is defines as the branch of public which defines crimes, treat of their nature and provides for each punishment
He is recognized as the Father of Psychoanalysis
He distinguished three (3) principal types of physiques: Asthenic, Athletic, Pyknic and Dysplastic
Characterized as thin, small, and weak
Muscular and strong
Stout, round and fat
An maerican psychologists whowa s another follower of the somatotype school of criminology
An american sociologist who conductes a study of the Jukes Family
Part of the personality that compensates fro the demands of the ID by helping the individual guide his or her actions to remain within the boundaries of social convention
According to him criminal behavior may be predictes based on facial features of the person
The study of facial features and their relation to human behavior
Serious illegal detention is a crime committed through series acts or episodes and in much longer time
Refers to the ability or the means of the offender to commit the crime
Refers to the wanting of the person to commit the crime
Refers to the physical possibility for the crime to be committed

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