Puzzles and worksheets similar to Week 8 Vocabulary Crossword

Punctuation Revision Crossword


Used at the end of a question
A ____ clause is one that can stand by itself with no extra information
Separates two independent clauses
Used to indicate speech
Can be written to indicate trailing off
A ____ clause does not make sense by itself and adds information to a sentence
Shows when someone is being interrupted
Used when a personal comment or scientific name is used
SCUBA is a well-known ______
Ellipses can be used to create ______ in a mysterious story
Marks the end of a sentence
Used to mark the start of a list
Colons can be used after the speaker's name in a _____

Best Crossword Ever. SILENCE NO TALKING!!!


What is the name of the scale used to measure the magnitude of the Tropical storms?
where do 11% of al Tropical Storms occur each year?
What is found approximately 23°27′ N of the terrestrial Equator?
Which Hurricane occured in 2005 causing large scale flooding to the area of new orleans ?
adjusting the building to make it resistant to wind
Have a devastating effect on the low lying coastal areas and arise due to high sea levels
menacing looking multi-level clouds, extending high into the sky in towers or plumes
where the earth's rotation affects the way that winds travel over the earth.
strategy designed to reduce or eliminate risks to people and property from natural hazards
areas of............. bring strong rain, strong winds and changeable conditions
The name of tropical storms in the area where covid first came from?
allows the storm to be tracked to give warning so the area to be evacuated.
Primary impact of a tropical storm can bring about severe mudslides and flooding
The centre of a tropical storm

Renewable and Non-Renewable Resources Crossword


A resource that can be found on Earth that can be used by people
A resource that cannot be replaced for thousands or millions of years.
A natural resource that can be replaced or renew itself
The process when water turns into a vapor
Process in which water vapor turns back into liquid
Water that falls to Earth
Provides the support and nutrients to help plants grow and thrive
Energy from plants is fuel for almost all?
Used to make furniture, paper, and building materials.
Cattle, Chickens, and Pigs are raised as a source of?

Ethics & Compliance Week 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Ethics & Compliance Week 2021 Crossword Puzzle

Common workplace ethic of respecting others and working well together.
Federal laws that provide protection from retribution against someone for reporting a suspected violation.
The capacity to do what is right even in the face of temptation to do otherwise.
Taking another’s property or money by a person to whom it has been entrusted.
When one obtains money or property by lying about a past or existing fact. False
Offering or giving anything of value to get or keep business or to influence performance of an official.
Obtaining money or other property by wrongful use of force or the power of office.
The duty of a business to contribute to the wellbeing of society. Social
An employee who speaks out about misconduct, malpractice, or corruption.
Set of standards or rules that guide business behavior in a positive direction. Code of
A person’s personal philosophies about what is right or wrong.
Use of confidential corporate information to buy or sell stocks. Insider
Deliberate deception to gain an unlawful advantage.
Crime against the environment. Green
Economic crimes committed by professionals in the course of their work. White Collar
Hiding money obtained illegally by putting it in legal businesses. Money
Negative or unfair treatment based on personal characteristics rather than job performance, skills, or merit.
Unwelcome conduct from another whose actions, communication, or behavior mocks, demeans, disparages, or ridicules an employee.
Sentenced to 150 years in prison for largest Ponzi scheme in history.
Its use poses a potential conflict between employees' rights to express themselves and an organization's need to preserve its reputation, intellectual property, and information its legally obligated to protect. Social
Responsible for making ethical choices to maintain our company's reputation for fair, honest business practices.
The set of measures taken to ensure that networks, systems, & data breaches are avoided.
A lifestyle influencer who served 5 months in federal prison and paid fines of treble damages in connection to allegations of insider trading. Martha
An unauthorized person viewing confidential data is an example of a reportable _______ incident.

Harrison Bergeron Vocabulary Crossword


The action or state of keeping careful watch
A set of equipment used to carry messages or signals
The end of a hammer opposite of the face -- usually wedge-shaped
Full of light.; very bright
To determine, rectify, or mark the graduations (ex. temperature gauge)
A thing that provides resistance, delay, or obstruction
An irregular projecting tooth
To occur at the same rate or time
To run or jump playfully
A tool to fasten metal bolts A tool to fasten metal bolts (gun)
Something outstanding or unique to its kind
Something that prevents you from doing a task. It might also be a defect in speech

Erin's Crossword!


Which sector would a lumberjack go in?
What kind of farming makes food only for them selfs and their family?
Name the 3rd sector?...
Name the 2nd sector?...
Which sector would a computer designer go in?
Does Extensive farming use few inputs or lots of inputs?
With farming how many types of farming are there?
What is the first sector called?
Which type of framing rears animals such as cattle and sheep?
How many sectors are there?
Agriculture is farming including the growing of crops and the what of animals?
Does Commercial farming or farms want the money or grow it just for them and their family?
Climate is average and temperature and what else?
Which farming type only grows the crops and doesn't use animals or try to make money?
How many of the farming types use less inputs?
Which sector of Industry are there most people working in today?
In Africa are there more people working in Quaternary or Primary?
Which sector of Industry makes most of it's products not sell them?
What is the word for robots that do stuff for humans?
Which sector of Industry takes stuff from the earth or the sea?

Poetic devices Crossword


When a group of words close together contain the same vowel sound in the middle of the words for effect
When a group of words close together start with the same sound for effect
Extreme exaggeration of an idea
When the poet appeals to the readers' 5 senses to make their work relatable.Imagery
Two words of opposite meaning that are put together, with one describing the other.
Words or lines of poetry that have the same sound at the end
Comparing two things, saying one thing IS another.
Comparing two things, saying one thing is LIKE another (using 'like' or 'as')
A type of metaphor - giving inhuman things human qualities
Sound word - where the word used is actually the sound being described
When a word, or phrase, is repeated within a stanza or poem for effect.
Two ideas/images of opposite meaning near each other, their differences making a point for the reader.

Ex. Home Ec- End of year crossword Puzzle


The ______________ ________________ on a clothing label must always equal 100%.
The temperature range at which bacteria multiply quickly and can cause foodborne illness.
The ___________________________ on a piece of clothing tells you how to care for your clothes.
We made Fettucine____________________ in class.
Liquid measurements should always be checked at _____________ ________________.
Brown sugar should be __________________ ________ to be considered an accurate measurement.
A guide that tells you how to make a food.
The 2 T's to be mindful of with food safety.
A stitch used to decorate around blankets.
A stitch used to hem your clothing.
The very first knot you make before sewing.
3 teaspoons equal one __________________________________
One cup is equal to how many ounces?
Which ingredient should be stirred and spooned in to a measuring cup?
What should you do to prepare your oven before using it?

RRMC Operating Room Cleaning and Disinfecting Crossword


The correct disinfectant for Clostridium Dificile is a sporicidal, bactericidal, or viricidal disinfectant.
Equipment being brought into the OR should be damp dusted with a regulatory agency-approved hospital-grade disinfectant: prior (to) or after being brought into the OR
Start at the cleanest or the dirtiest area when cleaning?
Before opening the first case of the day damp dust all horizontal, vertical, or necessary surfaces using a regulatory agency approved hospital-grade disinfectant.
When mopping the OR, use a clean mop head for: every-room, second-room, third-room.
Some equipment, such as computer monitors, can be damaged and must be cleaned and disinfected per manufacturer’s instructions and recommended detergent/disinfectant. TRUTH/FALSE?
Rooms should be terminally cleaned every 24 hours even if they have not been ____________.
When cleaning cabinets, it is correct to clean from: top-to-bottom, or bottom-to-top?
Ceilings in the OR are cleaned every24hrs or onschedule
A terminal cleaning of the OR involves cleaning all surfaces of the OR using mechanical friction, a clean lint free cloth, and a regulatory agency approved hospital-grade _______________.
When using the zone cleaning method for terminal cleaning: Divide up the room into zones. Assign __________ staff members to clean and disinfect each zone.
Casters of mobile furniture are cleaned at: starts of day or ending of day

Free Enterprise and Other Economic Systems Crossword


The structure of methods that a society uses to produce and distribute goods and services
The income people receive in return for supplying factors of production
The amount of money a business receives in excess of its expenses
Level of economic prosperity
Any arrangement that allows buyers and sellers to exchange things
An organization that uses resources to produce a product or service, which it then sells
A person or group of people living in a single residence
The arena of exchange in which firms purchase the factors of production from households
A range of economic and political systems based on the belief that wealth should be evenly distributed throughout society
A political system in which the government owns and controls all resources and means of productions and makes all economic decisions
Describing a form of government that limits individual freedoms and requires strict obedience from its citizens
Another name for a centrally planned economy
The doctrine that government generally should not intervene in the marketplace
Property that is owned by individuals or companies, not by the government or the people as a whole
A market-based economic system in which the government is involved to some extent
A period of change in which nation moves from one economic system to another
The incentive that drives individuals and business owners to improve their material well-being
The principle that anyone can compete in the marketplace
The principle that everyone has the same legal rights
The principle that people have the right to control their possessions and use them as they wish
The study of economic behavior and decisions in a nations whole economy
The study of economic behavior and decision-making in small units, such as households or firms
A period of macroeconomic expansion, or growth, followed by one of contraction, or decline
A proposed law submitted directly to the public