Romeo and Juliet is a type of play called a _______
To what city does Romeo flee in exile?
Who challenges Romeo to a duel and is then killed by Romeo?
Romeo first sees Juliet at a feast held by the _______ family
Romeo and Juliet are married by Friar ________
Juliet's father wishes for her to marry _____
What is the word for a person who sells medicines?
Friar Lawrence gives Juliet a ________ potion
Romeo is of House ________
This is the story of two ____ _______ lovers
Tybalt stabs ________
Friar Lawrence's letter to Romeo never reaches him because of a ______ in Mantua
Romeo's cousin and friend who urges him to attend the feast
According to Mercutio, _____ ___ is a fairy who is responsible for dreams.
The Capulets and the Montagues pledge to raise _______ in honor of the deceased Romeo and Juliet
Who discovers Juliet after she takes the potion?
Before meeting Juliet, with whom is Romeo in love?
Who wrote Romeo and Juliet?
Juliet asks Nurse to give Romeo this piece of jewelry
Who does Romeo kill in Juliet's tomb?
Romeo and Juliet primarily takes place in the Italian city of ______

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Romeo and Juliet


Romeo and Juliet

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