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California Gold Rush Crossword


He was the first to find gold James Marshall
The news of gold saturated the country, people from near and far traveled in search of tapping into the riches of gold! People left high paying jobs to mine for gold, it eventually became known as…. Gold Fever
The easiest way to discover gold in the sand panning
Name for the people who panned for gold Gold prospectors
Long wooden frames used for searching through large amounts of gravel and soil sluices
What percent of the miners were men 97
These were used for shelter by the minors tents
A disease that spread from the dirty water and living conditions. cholera
This man’s entrepreneurial path started by selling canvas tents to the prospectors. This then led to a hired seamstress to help miners sew knees of pants that had worn out from a hard days work. The canvas was switched to denim. Levi Strauss
How much gold was harvested by 1960 in California 500 million
State where THIS gold rush took place California
What year did the California gold rush take place? 1848
Conflict arose with the _____ when the settlers approached California Native Americans
People who went to California looking for Gold in 1849 FortyNiners
These grew near all the major mining sites. Eventually a bunch of restaurants, hotels, and other places were built in order to accommodate the miners. Boom Towns
Where gold was first discovered in 1848; marked the beginning of the Gold Rush Sutters Mill
Steamships and railroads were used as _______ during the gold rush Transportation
What two things were miners forced to create when they arrived in California Laws and government
What could a miner do if he felt mistreated by a group of miners? Call camp meeting
A large migration of people to a newly discovered gold field gold rush
A soft yellow malleable ductile metallic element that California miners were in search for gold
Who was the president of America during the California gold rush? James Polk
The act of searching for precious minerals in the earth mining
A seam-like deposit containing metallic ore Iode
A lump or mass of gold nugget
A descriptive phrase used by a miner who strikes gold paydirt
The first migrants to arrive were those from lands accessible by _____. Boat
The Gold Rush undoubtedly sped up California’s admission to the Union as the ___state. 31
By the end of the decade, California’s population was_______. 380000
California officially became a US state because of what compromise? Compromise of 1850

Supernatural Crossword


The famous last name Winchester
The head of hell after Lucifer Crowley
Dean's nickname for his brother Sammy
The boys' mother Mary
The angel we all know and love Castiel
The symbol you wear to protect against evil Pentagram
The expression Dean makes when he's said a bad joke Smirk
When Sam came back from Hell, which part of him was misssing? Soul
The infamous gun Colt
They come from Hell Demons
The Winchester boys make our panties... Moist
Dean's baby Impala
"Driver chooses the music, shotgun shuts his..." Cakehole
Castiel's famous insult: "Hey! ..." Assbutt
How did Jo and Ellen die? Explosion
The surname of the boys' father figure Singer
Unknowingly, Sam broke the last seal and started the ...? Apocalypse
What colour eyes does this demon have? Yellow
The name of the woman who stole the colt Bela
Bobby's famous insult Idgit
Carry on my ... son Wayward
Whos hotter than Sam and Dean? Nobody
One of Dean's favourite bands Metallica
Who convinced John to buy the Impala? Dean
When Dean came back from being abducted by fairies, what was Sam in the middle of? Sex

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Mass Volume Density Crossword


The amount of matter in an object (g) is called mass
The measurement of the pull of gravity on an object (N) is called? weight
The amount of space that matter takes up ( ml. cm3) is called? volume
What has a definite shape and occupy a definite amount of space? solid
What takes up a definite amount of space but do not have a definite shape? liquid
What does not take up a definite amount of space and have no definite shape? gas
What is the amount of water that is moved out of the way, when the object is placed in water called? water displacement
This measures how much space something takes up L x W x H volume
This is a measurement of the amount of matter. mass
The measurement of how much mass fits within a certain volume (M/V)? density
The ability of an object to float in a fluid. buoyancy
Properties that can be observed without changing the identity of the substance. physical property

Harry Potter Crossword


What is Harry's Mothers Name? Lilly Evans
What is Harry's Fathers Name? James Potter
Who is the greatest headmaster? Dumbledore
Map that shows all secret passages. MARAUDERSMAP
What is Neville's last name? longbottom
Wizards Bank In London name? gringotts
Wizards Prison Azkaban
The Forbidden Forest blackforest
Frothy, Buttery drink butterbeer
Soul Sucker Creatures dementors
What is Hermione's Parents occupation? dentists
Famous House Elf dobby
What is Snape's Patronus doe
How many Movies were made? Eight
What is Hagrid's huge dogs name? fang
What is Dubledore's Phoenix name? fawkes
Gold Wizard Money galleon
Creature that lives in attics. ghoul
Huge Humanoid is called a what? giant
Who marries Harry? ginny
Small creatures with leathery skin gnomes
Small creatures with swarthy faces, long hands & feet. Goblins
Where dwell the great at heart house. gryffindor
Who makes the famous Rock Cakes? hagrid
The boy who lived. Harry Potter
Who does Ron marry? Hermione
What is the name of the school for witches & wizards? hogwarts
House where no one fits in goes. Hufflepuff
Quidditch player who guards the goalpoats . keeper
The Darkest Wizard voldemort
A term to describe non magical parents. mudblood
Who chops off the head of Nagini? neville
Language of the snakes. parseltounge
Wizards sport quidditch
Luna Lovegood lived in this house. ravenclaw
Quidditch player who tries to catch Snitch. seeker
Harrys Godfather. Sirius Black
House when anyone does anything to achieve their ends. Slytherin
Half Blood Prince is who? Snape
Golden ball with silver wings. snitch
What frees Dobby? socks
Sorts into different houses. sorting hat
Harry's Patronus stag
Mythical white horse creature. unicorn
Vicious tree where Ron & Harry drive into. Whimpingwillow
Rons last name? Weasley
Hermione's last name? Granger
Harry's last name? Potter
Half man, half horse creatures centaurs
Fastest broomstick. firebolt

Algebra 2 Crossword Puzzle


Shape defines by a quadratic equation Parabola
You use this formula to find this.. x= -b/2a Axis of Symmetry
Negative infinity, positive infinity Domain
What form is this? y=a(x-h)+k Vertex Form
There are ______ terms in the imaginary pattern Four
What is the first thing you need to find in this equation? 2x+10x-8=26 GCF
What comes first the real number or imaginary number real number
What do you do first? Factor
A number that produces a specified quantity when multiplied by itself square root
What does the point represent? vertex
What do you do first to this equation? (5+7i)+2(-2+6i) distribute
What do you have to do to get rid of the square root? square
Set of numbers which contains all numbers less than 0 and also all numbers greater than 2 interval notation
The part of mathematics in which letter and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulas and equations algebra
The point where the graph intersects the y-axis y intercept

Three Branches of Government Crossword


There are how many justices on the Supreme Court? nine
There are how many senators for each state? two
The Legislative Branch is also known as what? congress
The head of the Executive Branch is who? president
The president has the power to do this if he doesn't like a law. veto
The Supreme Court interprets the laws and checks to make sure they are what? constitutional
The building associated with the Legislative Branch. capitol
The President appoints who to the Supreme Court? justices
Which branch has to approve the justices? Legislative
The President can only serve two terms for a total of how many years? eight
Supreme Court justices are appointed for how long? lifetime
The number of representatives that a state has is dependant on what? population
"Checks and _____________" is the way each branch can keep from having too much power. balances
The President is also known as the "Commander in _______?" chief
The Supreme Court is what branch? Judicial

Culinary arts safety rules Crossword


__ the countertops and make sure appliances are turned off clean
__ your hands and utensils after handling raw meat, poultry, or fish Wash
clean up any spills ___ immediately
do not ___ in the kitchen run
When using a _____, cut away from your body Knife
do not use metal in the ____ microwave
keep a ____ extinguisher nearby. fire
Keep pot ___ turned away from the front of the stove handles
use a _____ board when chopping ingredients chopping
keep flammable material such as dish towels and oven mitts ___ from the stove away
don't ____ the kitchen with something cooking on the stove leave
Be aware of hot ______ which can cause burns Steam
tie back long ____ and avoid wearing loose clothing to avoid catching on fire. Hair
You use this when peeling vegetables vegetable peeler
This appliance in mostly used during breakfast and browns your bread toaster
Use this pan for cooking meat or frying things skillet
When you need to cook in a hurry or have a large piece of meat, use this cooker Pressure cooker
what appliance did we use for milk shakes? blender
measuring ___ are used for small measures. Example, vanilla, salt Spoons
Use this utensil to drain things (spaghetti noodles, hamburger meat colander
Use this pan for cooking cupcakes muffin
this is the large knife chef
use a ___ to dip soup or punch into a cup or bowl ladle
this pan is perfect for cheesecake spring
use this instrument to put powdered sugar on funnel cakes sifter

Klondike Gold Rush Crossword


who found the gold? Skookum Jim
how many prospectors were there? 100000
how many prospectors arrived? 30000
how many people found gold? 4000
Where did they find the gold? Klondike
How did they find the gold? Washing dishes
what was rabbit creek renamed? Bonanza Creek
Mounted police were sent to keep things in order who was in charge? Sam steele
When did the Klondike gold rush end? 1899
which water routes did most people take to get to the gold? Dyea and Skagway
While traveling to Klondike how much food did the prospectors bring? A Year’s supply
Dawson city gained a population of.... 46000
where is the Klondike region located? Yukon
a new city arose where the Klondike and Yukon rivers meet, what is it called? Dawson City
how many people were left stranded in Skagway? 5000
When did the Klondike gold rush start? 1896
Many of the prospectors left the Yukon because gold was discovered somewhere else, where was it? Nome, Alaska
Dawson city lost its population because of.... Fire and high prices

To Kill A Mockingbird Crossword Puzzle


the narrator of the story's nickname Scout
the narrator's brothers nickname Jem
the narrator's dad's full name Atticus Finch
the boys nickname that came every summer Dill
the man's last name who tried to kill Jem and Scout Ewell
the boys nickname who was locked up in his room Boo
the woman who took the narrator and the narrator's brother to her church Calpurnia
the man's full name who was charged with rapeing a mans daughter Tom Robinson
who accused a man of rapeing her Mayella Ewell
what was the narrator's aunt's first name Alexandra
the old lady's last name who the children didn't fond being around Dubose
the state in which the story takes place in Alabama
the animal the narrator's brother was told never to shot Mockingbird
the author of the story Harper Lee
the county which the story takes place in Maycomb
the last name of the family that lives next door to the narrator Radley
the boy who scares the narrator and their brother on the way to the play Cecil Jacobs
the narrator's teacher who told her to stop reading Miss Caroline
the boy's full name who came to the Finch's house for lunch Walter Cunningham
the lady's last name who's house burned down Maudie
the name of the church that the Finch's go to with their cook First Purchase
the Reverend's last name Sykes
the Judge's last name Taylor
the narrator's grandpa's full name Simon Finch
the narrator's aunt's grandson's first name Francis