His position in the NFL
Simpson's wife's name
Nicole Brown
Last name of Simpson's defense attorney whose family is now famous
He grew up in this state
His second career besides an athlete
Using a knife, he used this method to kill the victims
His breaking news low speed pursuit in a white Bronco SUV interrupted the _________ finals airing
He murdered this man outside of his wife's condominium
Ron Goldman
The prank show he starred in, also named after him
Arrested for water speeding through a _______ protection zone
His father was a drag ______
The city he played football for before San Francisco
His fathers occupation in a kitchen
The title of his novel that was used to prove he was the murderer
if i did it
The film Simpson acted as a Navy SEAL in
The was a lot of physical ________ in his relationship with his wife
The _______ lasted 135 days
The verdict to his trial was watched by more than 150 ________ people
What network has the hit series "The People vs. O.J. Simpson"
He has written a suicide _______
What were Nicole Brown's children doing at the time of the murder

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