X-rays that interact with the whole atom
Low energy
X-rays that interact with electrons
Moderate energy
X-rays that interact with the Nuclei
High energy
Straight out of...
X-rays scattered back in the direction of the incident x-ray beam
Produce the dark areas of a radiograph
Anatomical structures with high x-ray absorption characteristics
Differential absorption ___________ as the kVp is reduced
The product of absorption and scattering
X-ray interactions with energy below approximately 10 keV
Quantity of matter per unit volume
Mass density
Contrast used during UGI
The ejection of a nuclear fragment is part of which interaction
Which tissue x-ray interaction results in the production of annihilation radiation
Pair production
_________ has an anatomic number of 13.8
Probability of a Compton even is ___________ proportional to the x-ray beam
First name Bob, last name

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