This is the Jewish holiday Emily's father will celebrate in December.
This is part of a song often used in place of this Dealer Services Dept; "You down with OPP"
This is Alison's favorite holiday.
This person needs a wreath holder.
This is the basketball team in Jacqueline's hometown.
San Antonio Spurs
This is Shanna's favorite mealtime of the day.
This is the city Jon was born in.
This is Jon's wife's profession.
This word is used to differentiate groups and people by gender, age, national origin, education, sexual orientation and religion; also Emily's career interest.
This is Jon's desired career path.
This person met their significant other via video games.
This is a type of jar and also someone's son's name.
This birthday month is shared by two people here.
This person has been with their significant other since high school.

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