What is the decline in the value of money, accompanied by rise in price of goods and services?
cause of inflation in spain
population growth
cause of inflation in spain
silver bullion
Spain's tax burden fell on what class around 1500?
End result of Spain not accumulating enough wealth to start their own businesses
no middle class
What dominated business in Spain that were created during the Middle Ages?
How many times did the Spanish state declare bankruptcy under Philip's rule?
seven northern provinces of Netherlands that were protestant, united, and declared independence from Spain
United Provinces
How was the United Provinces of the Netherlands different from other European states?
greatest Dutch artist of the period
van Rijn
artist who chose domestic, indoor settings for his portraits
What allowed the Dutch people to concentrate on economic growth?
stability of government
a trading company controlled by the Dutch government
Dutch East India company
kings or queens who held all of the power within their states' boundaries
absolute monarchs
idea that God created the monarchy and that the monarch acted as God's representative only to God
divine right
political belief that one ruler should hold all of the power within the boundaries of a country
How did monarchs try to increase their own power?
impose order

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