Where was the Roanoke colony set up at?
North Carolina
Who had to eat dogs, rats and even humans?
The English
What was the third attempted colony called?
Who was the leader of Jamestown?
John smith
What did the Powhatan teach them to grow?
Why did they name the colony 'jamestown'?
King James
What disease did the mosquitos carry to jamestown?
Who was the new leader of Roanoke for their second colony?
John White
John smith and pocahontas helped keep what between the Natives and English
Who won the battle between the Spanish and English
Who came to rescue Jamestown in 1608
Captain JohnSmith
Who established the rule 'do not work do not eat'
John Smith
Who established Jamestown?
King James I
When was Jamestown established
May 16, 1607
How long was the voyage to Jamestown?
144 days
Who were the people living there before called?
Powhatan Indians
Who arrived at Jamestown?
how many women arrived at jamestown in 1608?
What was John Smith's job?
What was the major export from Virginia to England?

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