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Space Revision Crossword


Clumps of metal and rock. Mainly found in the asteroid belt, located between Mars and Jupiter
Objects consisting of rock, dust and ice that travel in the universe at high speeds. When they approach the sun they vaporise and produce a trail.
An astronomical unit of distance. One ly is equal to the distance that light travels through space in a single year.
The galaxy in which our solar system is located
A body that has a sufficiently large mass and that orbits a star. Our solar system contains 8 of these, all of which orbit the sun.
A star formed from a cloud of dust and gas being pulled together by gravitational attraction. Fusion reactions occur here.
A large system of billions of galaxies
A system containing billions of stars
Planets that have a gaseous composition, often involving hydrogen and helium. These are Neptune, Jupiter, Uranus and Saturn in our solar system
Planets that have a solid composition, often composed of metals or rocks. These are Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars in our solar system.

you & me Crossword


My favorite color
My favorite animal
If I could pick one kind of food to pick, I would choose...
Our Anniversary
My basketball number (no cheating!)
I can travel anywhere, where do I go?
My middle name
My favorite holiday
We had our first kiss at..
The first movie we saw together was..
I want to teach..
We first held hands after we went to the...

High School Math Vocabulary Worksheet #1 Crossword

High School Math Vocabulary Worksheet #1 Crossword

What is an expression with more than two algebraic terms?
What is either a single number or a variable, or numbers and variables multiplied together?
What do you call the number that is directly in front of a variable?
What do you call terms whose variables (and exponents) are the same?
What do you call terms whose variables (and exponents) are NOT the same?
What is the method that you use to remember how to multiply two binomials?
What is a polynomial with two terms?
What is a polynomial with three terms?
When you have to find what to multiply together to get an expression, that is called what?
What is a number made by squaring a whole number?
What is a polynomial with just one term?
What is the name of your favorite high school math teacher?

Networks of Exchange Crossword


What Muslim scholar travelled through the known medieval world documenting his travels as he went?
What monarch is credited with beginning Manlike expansion and creating the Mali Empire?
The first Ming emperor of China was
Where was the capital of the Mongol empire under Chinggis Khan?
What Chinese dynasty succeeded the Mongol Yuan dynasty in China?
In the early 12th century, the Jin kingdom of northern China was defeated by a Mongol confederation under the leadership of Chinggis Khan's great grandfather,
Who was the Turkic nomadic leader who began a period of conquest beginning in the 1360s?
What admiral commanded China's great overseas expeditions between 1405 and 1433?
What Russian city profited most from the Mongol invasion?
In 1271, Kubilai Khan changed the name of the Mongol dynasty in China to

Types of Propaganda Crossword

Types of Propaganda Crossword

information ideas or rumors deliberately spread widely to help harm a person, group, movement institution or nation
promoting only one side of an argument or issue (positive or negative)
we're all in this together
celebrity endorsement of a philosophy movement or candidate they are closely related to
a high profile person tries to relate to regular ordinary people
the use of symbols quotes or endorsements to convey a message not normally associated with them
presentation of something dreaded or terrifying to get people to do something to avoid the horror
reaching a false conclusion based on two true statements
using positive words that everyone supports to promote your idea
ties a person idea or cause to a largely perceived negative image
description of candidates in our first lesson that led the class to elect Adolph Hitler
Don't you want to join our winning team?
Doctors endorse my diet program.
The President of the United States stops by McDonalds for a Big Mac after jogging
Abraham Lincoln endorses the latest Dodge Ram pickup truck
If we don't stop North Korea today we will all vanish in an atomic blast
My cat has a tail. My dog has a tail. Cats and dogs are the same animal
stand for liberty, support rights, promote freedom
My opponent is a raging tree hugger

Religion Review Crossword

Religion Review Crossword

God wants us to become great _____ makers.
God loves you so much that he blesses you with _____ will.
We can turn to God in ___ and ask for help
God will always give us _____ chances.
We love God with our hearts, souls, and __
God gave us the ability to make our own __
God wants us to live happy and ___ lives
Following our conscience makes us ____
Temptation is the ____ to do something wrong
Sin is when we make a bad choice on ___
God gave us ten ____ to show us the best way to live.

Canine Disruptive Behaviour Crossword


Typically, aggression occurs when a dog is exposed to a____
Dogs that are ______ may overreact to certain stimuli and appear aggressive to observers
______is a change in behaviour in the presence of something the dog considers valuable.
When trying to correct resource guarding behaviours we can use high ______ food drops to teach the dog that our presence indicates good things.
To address unwanted barking, we first need to understand the ______.
Three reasons why a dog may bark include fear, alarm barking and ______.
When training a dog not to bark the most important step is to prevent ______ as this strengthens the neural pathways and increases the likelihood of re occurrence.
Nipping is a ______ behaviour for puppies.
It is important puppies remain with their litter and mother until 8 weeks of age so that they may learn bite ______ and the consequences related to nipping.
Housetraining may be more difficult if the dog has a ______ and has become accustomed to eliminating on a particular surface (eg. Grass, ca Grass, carpet, newspaper).
Many people believe male dogs use marking to mark their territory. What is another possible reason for this behaviour?
When a puppy is chewing on something they should not be you should calmly interrupt and ______ it with an appropriate, puppy safe item
One reason destructive behaviour may occur is a lack of physical and/or mental ______.
If destructive behaviour is focused on points of entry, it is likely due to ______.
The best solution for deterring digging is to provide the dog with mental and environmental ______ if they are going to be left outside.
Digging can sometimes be managed by using a dig pit, which provides a controlled location for the dog to participate in “______” digging.
We can offer an ______ behaviour to be performed to stop a dog from jumping up.
Rather than yelling at the dog the best thing you can do when a dog jumps up at you is ______ them.
By using words such as “no” and “leave it” your dog may learn that items on counters or tables are only off limits when you are ______.
When we want to redirect our dog's attention from the food or item on the counter, we can use an attention noise. What should you not use to get their attention?
To avoid conflict between household dogs, you should not allow the dogs to ______ at one another, rather, calmly interrupt
Many conflicts between household pets can be due to incompatible personalities and ______.
One of the most important behaviours you can teach your dog is ______.

The Boy of the Painted Cave Crossword


Who was the Shaman?
What did Tao become?
No one has ever taken him down which proves they're guilty.
She helped when Tao needed it.
What is owning a wolf called in the clan?
The word they use for family?
Where Tao lived.
The main character.
What is taboo if you're not a Shaman?
Tao's Father.

Visual Arts Crossword


A popular subject for artists, as the objects that are used in a still life are usually chosen from the artist’s own possessions or environment; these can be arranged to suit the artist and will remain in the same position to aid observation
String made of natural materials like straw
Designed and made to look the same on both sides; balanced
Shapes such as circles, squares, rectangles, triangles, and diamonds
A national head count of every citizen in our country
A throwaway item
Represent an idea, emotion or belief through a simple image, gesture, or element such as colour
Occurs when the elements work well together and relate to one another closely.
Not moving, motionless
The position taken up by the body; how we sit, stand, or lie down
Fold and compress the clay over itself a few times to squeeze out any air-bubbles.
Clay that has been placed in an extremely hot fire or furnace to harden and strengthen it

Mrs. Yochum's Vocabulary Review Crossword


to lower in rank, office, or prestige
to put an end to or nullify
to relinquish
to fact or an instance of deviating or being in violation
to assist or support in the achievement of a purpose
a lapse in succession during which there is no person in whom a title is vested
to regard with extreme repugnance
being so repugnant as to stir up positive antagonism
to renounce upon oath
causing extreme disgust and hatred
being the first or earliest known of its kind present
to be present in large numbers or in great numbers
to rub or wear away
to abolish by authoritative action