a software update designed to fix a particular problem or vulnerability <5 char>
the 's' in ______ stands for 'secure' and indicates that communication with a webpage is encrypted <5 char>
The activity of copying files or databases so that they will be preserved in case of equipment failure or other catastrophe <6 char>
any data classified as personal, private or sensitive information <4 char>
function of one way encryption that is normally used to check integrity of data <4 char>
hardware or software mechanisms to prevent unauthorized users from accessing a computer network <8 char>
malicious software that is inserted into a system, usually covertly, with the intent of compromising the victim's data <7 char>
a piece of digital information generated by a web server and saved in your computer after visiting a website <6 char>
a weakness of a system or facility holding information which can be exploited to gain access or violate system integrity <13 char>
an internet scam that targets unsuspecting users through email <8 char>
a type of malware designed to block access to a computer system or data until a sum of money is paid <10 char>
this horse can stampede your security defenses for the bad guys and make you look sheepish too <6 char>
your password is like a ____, use it regularly, change it often and do not share it with anyone else <10 char>
a ________ is a program and/or device that monitors data travelling over a network. These programs/devices can be used both for legitimate network management and for stealing information off a network <6 char>
____ is the scrambling of data into a secret code that can be read only by software set to decode that information <10 char>
spoofing, tampering etc are examples of a security _____ <6 char>
a way of injecting malicious scripts into web pages <18 char>
a ransomware crypto worm that attacked running microsoft windows operating systems, in May 2017 <8 char>
this malware targets microsoft windows based system and prevents it from booting <5 char>
group of experts that handle computer security incidents

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