Name of the restaurant where we had our first round of tequila
Restaurant where we first met
Sono Bakery
Neeta's Nickname
Do you ____ me?
Jason's first tattoo
Molten chocolate ___ cake
Once Upon a Time takes place in a town called ___
Jason had a lot of trouble opening the ____ packet at the Islander’s Game
Jason took Neeta to this casino for her birthday last year
Mohegan Sun
The Purple ___ (Hint: Jason’s Volleyball Nickname)
Grilled ___
Jason’s favorite type of naan bread
Jason’s ultimate craving from Wendy’s. The ____
The activity we did on Lake Arenal in Costa Rica
Paddle Boarding
The name of the mountain where we did the Extreme Hike in Costa Rica. El __ __ (two words)
Cerro Chato
What movie is the ring tone on Neeta’s alarm clock ___ ___ (two words)
Star Wars
We went to Gus’s wedding at ___ Castle
The color of the shirt Jason got after his Central Park 10K
This animal really wanted to get close to Jason at Yellowstone
Jason’s Comfort Food
Mac N’ ____
One day Jason will take Neeta on a tour of ____
Name of the baseball team in the state where we saw Florence and the Machine play ___
Name of the movie that Neeta wants Jason to see ___ ____ (two words)
Harry Potter
Our Personal Healthcare Assistant who gives us comfort when we need it
The droid in “The Force Awakens” __ __ - 8 (two letters)
The holiday when our parents met for the first time
What people were celebrating on our cruise to Bear Mountain
Where Neeta first met Jason’s friends Kedar and Frank
Jason always has to do the hand signal from this movie on the plane ___ ___ (two words)
Top Gun

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