Workers ruling the country
Radical Russian Marxists that split into another group
Communist Leader
Self-described holy man
Bolsheviks renamed party
Communist Party
Stone, cold dictator
Joseph Stalin
Type of government that controls e v e r y t h i n g
Campaign of terror
Great Purge
Government makes all economic decesions
Command Economy
Large government owned farms
Collective farms
Group that pushed for modernization and nationalization
Leader of the Kuomintang
Sun Yixian
Explosion of nationalism in Beijing
May Fourth Movement
Leader of China's Communist Party
Mao Zedong
Yixian's successor
Jiang Jieshi
6,000 mile journey that Comunist's went on
Long March
British troops firing on crowd of Indians without warning
Amritsar Massacre
Ghandi and his follower's peaceful protest with salt
Salt March
Brilliant commander that succesfully led Turkish nationalist's to a W against the Greeks
Mustafa Kemal

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