Yeast Breads Crossword

The three classes of bread are Deep-fat-fried, rolls, and ________?
What are the starch grains in the flour trapped by?
Milk provides many ________ that are not in water.
The ________________ of water is very important when making bread.
If _______ isn't added to yeast bread, the dough will be very sticky.
What causes the crust to brown?
What causes richer flavor?
Yeast converts sugar and flour into _____.
What is the process in which yeast breaks down sugars?
The more you knead, the less __________ you will have.
What causes the bread to rise?
After kneading, the dough should resemble _____________.
The dough should _______ in size.
To create a ________ loaf, cup your hands around the dough.
Different types of ______ have different amounts of gluten.
Too hot of _______ can kill the yeast.
At what temperature does fermentation stop?
When making an oval loaf, what shape should be made?
When making a round roll, where should it fit in your hand?
What do you do to see if the dough has been kneaded enough?

Bread Crossword

Bread Crossword

Provides moisture, activates yeast
Adds Flavor, inhibits yeast fermentation
feeds yeast
bacteria used in bread
salt is used to inhibit _______?
water does this to yeast
mixing dough with hands
when the bread rises
class of bread
how many classes of bread are there
deep fat fried dessert
molding dough
what consistency should dough have after kneading
the process of rising
dough should _____ in size after rising
used for structure in bread
yeast is this type of organism
how to find out if dough has been kneaded enough
yeast must be ______, not dead
substitute for water as liquid

All about yeast breads Crossword

All about yeast breads Crossword

What leavens or causes dough to rise?
What is it called when dough rises with yeast?
What gives bread texture?
What temperature does yeast slow down?
What is the ideal temperature?
A mixture of flour, yeast and warm liquid that begins leavening action is called…?
What dough is made from water, sugar and yeast and consists of 0-1% fat and sugar?
what dough consists of 6-9% fat and sugar?
What can increase richness to dough?
What adds rich flavour and aroma?
What slows the leavening action of yeast in croissants?
What's the process of removing a portion of dough and is kept dormant for 8-24 hours and then added to the next day's bread?
Preferment .... Fermentation, colour and taste.
What's the action of turning the sides of the dough into the middle and turning the dough over?
What's it called to make shallow cuts in the surface of item before baking?
What's the process of making small holes in the surface of an item before baking called?
What causes yeast dough products to lose their freshness and loses the flavour of bread?
What temperature kills yeast?
Which pastry is sweeter and richer than croissant dough?
Which yeast method allows yeast to develope separately before mixing with all ingredients?
Which method calls for mixing all ingredients in a single step?
Which method of dough calls for breaking into steps/ which evenly distribute fat and sugar?
The final leavening effort occurring before internal temperatures become hot enough to kill yeast breads is called…?
Just like Italian loaves which other breads have thin and crispy crusts?
____ dough conditioners strengthen gluten and gives their dense structures.

Baking and Pastry Terms Crossword

Baking and Pastry Terms Crossword

responsible for supervisiong preparation of breads, cakes pies, etc.
responsible for preparing sweet dessert items
works preparing and baking bread
finely milled wheat
rubbery substance that gives baked goods structure
wheat flours used in bake shops are categorized by this
sweetener using equal parts of water and sugar simmered until sugar is dissolved
fats used in bakeshop
process in which gases are trapped in dough creating small bubbles
sodium bicarbonate
process in baking when carbon dioxide and alcohol act to leaven baked goods
process used to soften gelatin
alcohol-based flavorings
used to measure large quantities of ingredients
used to roll dough into thin sheets
knives with thin flexible blades
used in decorating cakes so all sides can be reached
simple piece of metal or plastic with a zigzag edge
cone-shaped bag made of cloth or plastic
large paddle used as a spatula
comes in many different sizes and shapes

Quick Breads Crossword

Quick Breads Crossword

___________ should be very soft when making scones and dougnuts.
All-purpose ________________ is uesed for quick breads.
_____________ gently to aviod tunnels
_______________ is the leavening in popovers
too much __________ makes tunnels
___________ is needed for tenderness.
When making biscuits you ____________ by using the palm of your hand.
baking soda, baking powder, & yeast are all examples
The protein in flour.
____________ flour before measuring.
an example of a pour batter
___________ are an example of a drop batter.
________ is used in quick breads for sweetness.
Too much beating causes ____________ in muffins.
A term to replace nutrients lost in refining flour form wheat.
Muffin tins should be ______________ lightly.
__________ flour has the most gulten
Cinnamon roll are yeast breads and biscuits are ____________ breads.
Leavening agents cause a product to _______________.
When making muffins before pouring the liquid into the dry you need to make a __________.
Using a pastry blender you ______________ fat to make biscuits.

Yeast Breads Medina Word Search

Yeast Breads Medina Word Search
Word Search


Quick Breads Crossword Puzzle

Quick Breads Crossword Puzzle

Pancakes and waffles are examples of __________ batters.
When muffins are over mixed they develop ____________.
Products such as yeast, baking soda, baking powder and eggs; they cause the product to rise. ______________ _____________
________ batters are a type of quick bread why have a ratio of 1 c. liquid to 2 c. flour.
Flour or gluten forms the _____________ for most bakery products.
To work with your hands when creating soft doughs. ___________
___________ are a relative of pancakes, they are richer in fat and must be baked in a special iron.
Do not __________ __________ when combining liquid and dry ingredients when making quick breads.
Is a common leavening agent used in quick breads. _____________ ____________
The 2 bowl mixing method of mixing quick breads is known as _____________ ____________
The sticky elastic substance formed when flour comes in contact with water. ____________
A relative of the biscuit commonly eaten as strawberry ________________.
Quick breads are ___________ _____________.
The name of the colorless, flavorless leaving gas produced by baking soda or baking powder and liquid. ____________ _____________
A comparison (flour to liquid). _________
An "acidic" milk product use in baking, especially popular in the southern part of the US. __________________
To make a hole or indentation in dry ingredients. ________

Yeast Crossword

Yeast Crossword

The amount the bread needs to rise before it is ready to bake
Gas used to leaven yeast breads.
Activation of Yeast
Flour that is recommended to be used when making breads
What is activated during the the kneaded?
Which ingredient regulates the action of the yeast?
The liquid that produces a softer crust
Yeast form that is made into granules.
The first step is to dissolve what in a small bowl when making yeast breads.
When working with yeast breads, only a small amount of what ingredient should be added?
When cooking with which type of bakeware do you need to lower the temperature 25 degrees?
Which ingredient will add flavor, color, richness, and improve the structure?
When should you take yeast breads out of the pan after baking?
When making the caramel rolls, how big were to roll the dough out to?
Bread flour contains higher amounts of what that will produce stronger and more elastic gluten.
Baking is an _____ and Science!
Cookies should be _______ before putting them onto the cooling rack after removing them from oven.
The purpose of this ingredient is the increase the yeast breads tenderness.

Quick & Yeast Breads Crossword

Quick & Yeast Breads Crossword

A bread leavened by agents that allow speedy baking
A method of making quick breads in which liquid ingredients are lightly mixed into dry ingredients to create a batter.
Gives a flaky layering and is used for making biscuits, scones, and shortcakes.
Means to mix solid fat and flour using a pastry blender.
A biscuit that is lightly kneaded, rolled out to an even thickness, and cut to biscuit size before baking.
To work dough with the hands to combine ingredients and develop gluten.
A biscuit made with more liquid in proportion to flour than a rolled biscuit.
A bread leavened with yeast.
A process where yeast and enzymes in yeast produce alcohols and carbon dioxide that break down carbohydrates.
A method of mixing yeast dough in which the yeast is first dissolved in warm water to activate growth.
A method of mixing yeast dough in which dry yeast is combined with the dry ingredients and then with a liquid.
To make slashes about 1/2 inch deep across the top of the bread.
Is used for quick breads.
Accurate_________________ is important when making quick breads.
To much ______________________ makes tunnels.
Some of the proteins in wheat flour combine with liquid to create an elastic substance.
A process for testing yeast.

Science of bread making Word Search

Science of bread making Word Search
Word Search

Strong bread flour
Carbon dioxide
Raising agent
Vitamin C

Baking and Functions of Ingredients Crossword

Baking and Functions of Ingredients Crossword

Muffins are forms of ______ bread.
The sticky protein in flour is called _________
Muffins should be ______ instead of smooth
Do not ________ your muffin batter or your muffins will bake tough instead of clumpy
What liquid adds nutritive value, flavor, richness, and helps the crust brown?
The fat in a pastry melts as the food bakes , which gives the pastry a ________, flaky crust
Gluten is developed by _______
In the biscuit method of mixing, you _____ the fat.
_____ controls yeast from over developing
Which leavening agent needs, food, such as sugar, and liquid at 105 -115 F to activate
Over mixing quick breads creates ______ inside the finished product.
Flour provides texture or _____.
When baking, you use this to check and see if your muffins are done.
This makes a smooth even cut when slicing cinnamon roll dough
I am a leavening agent that requires a high baking temperature and water to make the product rise.
This ingredient is the binding agent
Finely powdered sugar used to make the icing cinnamon rolls
Baking soda must have what added to act as a leavening agent
This is an example of a solid fat
Biscuits should have a ____ inside
You use this to tool to cut in fat into flour
A high quality muffin should have a round _______ top that is golden brown
The _____ method of mixing requires fat to be cut in
______ are pour batters
The ____ method of mixing uses a well
The ingredient that causes bubbles in pancakes
Gluten is the ____ found in flour
This product is high in gluten
Liquid ingredients in baked goods add moisture and ______
Leavening agents help the product to _____