What Month Did You Start Dating Tasha Nickollof?
The High School Tasha Attended Her Freshman Year
Paul VI
Graduation Year
Where Dante Attends High School
Cherry Hill East
Dante's Fall Sport Played In School
How Long Has Dante Dated Tasha?
Two Years
Dante's Favorite Activity?
What Dante Wants To Do In College?
Graphic Design
Sport Dante Plays In The Spring And Winter
The Type Of Team Dante Has Played On For Football
The Place Dante Went With Tasha And Her Little Brother
Six Flags
The Name Of Dante's Girlfriend?
The Name of Tasha's School
Camden Catholic
Tasha's Favorite Food
Mac And Cheese
Concert Dante Attended With Tasha
Chris Brown
Dante's Group Of Friends Name
What Is Tasha's Middle Name?
What Grade Is Tasha In?
Tasha's Favorite Color?
Tasha's Favorite Drink?

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