what is the acronym for cardio pulmonary respirations
when someone stops breathing what is it called (2 words)
respiratory arrest
what type of alphabet do we use here
what is the acronym for Last known direction of traqvel
what is the legal drinking age in NJ
During a snow storm when a vehicle is off the road what discription of vehicle should you ask
If you get an unstable person that overdosed should the caller go to police or EMD
what must be emphasized when you have an unstable person for EMS dispatch (2 words)
unsafe scene
what is a subdivision also known as
what acronym do we use for also known as
What does clear the air mean on police channel (3 words)
do not talk
how many hospitals does burlington county have
if a vehicle strikes a telephone pole and there are injuries, what line do you pass the caller onto in fire desk
where is EMD located (2 words)
fire desk
what is the acronym for carbon monoxide
should you ask the medical alarm company if they still have contact with the patient when taking the alarm call
if no patient contact with the alarm co should you ask for possible key location
what is the language line company name that we use
when a person is at a police station and needs to see an officer what are they called
walk in
what should always be used for a priority/in progress call on police desk (2 words)
alert tone
what number is the alert tone that is used
if an officer requests a K9 who do you call, if none are available in his town (2 words)
County wide
Who broadcasts a Flash Information
County Wide
our term for yes is
our term for no is
another word for hurry up
another word to say find out
computer aided dispatch is also known as
in house humor; what does DRT mean (3 words)
dead right there
if you dont know you should what
if you are on the phone and your second line rings what should you use (2 words)
hold button
what desk dispatches MICU
what hospital is our MICU affiliated with
Who should get the press when they call asking about a particular call
if you need a particular towns information about court date where do you look (2 words)
read screen
What is the agencies name that handles Code Blue
how many hours straight are you allowed to work

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