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STAAR Review Crossword


He was as brave as a lion. Simile
He lies so much! I am surprised that his nose has not grown like Pinocchio's. Allusion
It was windy in New Orleans during hurricane Katrina. Understatement
For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So FANBOYS
Type of language to express an idea or thought. Figurative Language
I was so hungry, I could eat a horse. Hyperbole
A phrase that cannot stand alone and needs additional punctuation and words to be a complete thought. Dependent
Boom! Onomatopoeia
Since, While, When, (appears in a dependent clause) Subordinate
Punctuation used to separate sentences and phrases. Comma
A phrase that can stand alone and is a complete thought. Independent
A thought of the past which interrupts a scene in a text. Flashback
At lest 2 independent clauses separated by a fanboy. Compound
The stars winked at me. Personification
The name of the test English I and English II will be taking soon!! STAAR
1 independent and at least 1 dependent clause. Complex
March 13-17 Spring Break
A warning or indication for the future. Foreshadowing
Her long hair was a flowing golden river. Metaphor
The groom had cold feet at the wedding. Idiom

Stocks,Sauces,and Soups Crossword


What is similar to bouquet gorni but it is a bag of herbs and spices ? Sachet d'epices
A french word that refers to mixture of coarsely,chopped onions,carrots, and celery that provide a flavor base for stock. Mirepoix
a highly flavored stock made with fish bones. Fumet
A reduced stock with a jelly like consistenc; made from brown stock, chicken stock, or fish stock; referred to "glaze" Glase
This cause the bone and mirepoix to release flavor more quickly when liquid is added Sweating
Puting stocks up either its frozen or ______________ Refrigerated
The stuff at the surface of the stock; its cold and jelly formed and its kinda yellow Fat
The bones rids them of some of the impurities that can cause cloudiness in a stock Blanching
Gi ves the stock a richer flavor and deeper color Brown bones
Can you put a big pot of very hot stocks in a ice bath No
This is made from milk and white roux Bechamel
This is made from veol,chicken,or fish stock and a white or blond roux Veloute
Its made from brown stock and brown roux Espagnole Sauce
Made ferom a stock and tomatoes Tomato Sauce
An emusion made from egg,butter and lemon Hollandaise
Best for white meat (Color) Ligher Sauce
There are 3 roux a brown/dark brown roux,a white roux and a __________ Blond Roux

Singo Bingo Cards

Bingo Cards

Bad Bad Leeroy Brown
Can't Help Falling in Love
Drops of Jupiter
Feeling Good
Fly Me to the Moon
On the Road Again
Pride (In the Name of Love)
Rock Around the Clock
Surfer Girl
What a Wonderful World
Wildest Dreams
Viva la Vida
Smells Like Teen Spirit
Chasing Cars
Sweet Caroline
Pretty Woman
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
Saturday in the Park
Wish You Were Here
Let it Be
House of the Rising Sun
The Sound of Silence
Knockin' on Heaven's Door
Ring of Fire
Take Me Home, Country Roads
Leaving on a Jet Plane
Cat's in the Cradle
American Pie
Space Oddity
Ain't No Sunshine
Dust in the Wind
Brown Eyed Girl
Stand By Me
Hound Dog
God Only Knows
I'm a Believer
Don't Stop Believin'
Billie Jean


Marvel Cinematic Universe Crossword


Make cameos in Marvel movies; created lots of characters Stan Lee
Tony Stark Ironman
Steve Rogers Captain America
Bruce Banner Hulk
Clint Barton Hawkeye
God of Thunder Thor
Natasha Romenoff Black Widow
Director of SHEILD Nick Fury
Telekinesis; "She's weird" Scarlet Witch
Super speed; "He's fast" Quicksilver
Steve Rogers best friend Bucky Barnes
Tony Stark's dad Howard Stark
Agent of SHEILD; WWII Peggy Carter
Agent of SHEILD; in "Civil War"; "nurse" Sharron Carter
Thor love interest Jane Foster
Scientist in Thor Erik Selvig
God of mischief Loki
King of Asgard Oden
Queen of Asgard Frigga
Protector of the bifrost Heimdal
Peter Parker Spiderman
Scott Lang Antman
Hope van Dyne Wasp
Creator of the Antman Hank Pym
Agent of SHEILD; Nick Fury's female partner Maria Hill
Carol Danvers Captain Marvel
Peter Quill Star Lord
Daughter of Thanos; green Gamora
Daughter of Thanos; blue Nebula
__ the Destroyer; takes everything seriously Drax
Raccoon Rocket
I am __ Groot
"Mary Poppins" Yondu
Yondu's crew Ravagers
Works for Tony Stark; drives Peter Parker in Hoco Happy Hogan
Neurosurgeon; goes to Kamar Taj Doctor Strange
Works with Doctor Strange Wong
He needs to use sunblock more often Red Skull
Artificial Intelligence gone wrong Ultron
Just a rather very intelligent system JARVIS
Uses the Infinity Gauntlet Thanos
Wants the Power Stone; Kree Ronan
Peter Quill's father Ego
"It's a crown" Surtur
Goddess of Death Hela
the opposite of SHEILD Hydra
Adrian Toomes vulture
Eddie Brock Vemon
Wants to gain power from the Dark Dimension Kaecilius
eats planets; resides in the Dark Dimension Dormammu

Milady Chapter 8 Skin Disease & Disorders Crossword


Small, brownish spot or blemish on the skin. Ranging in color from pale tan to brown or to bluish black 1234
Large blister containing fluid Bulla
Cannot survive in the presence of oxygen Anaerobic
Crack in the skin that penetrates the dermis Fissure
Small blister or sac containing clear fluid, lying within or just beneath the epidermis Vesicle
Abnormal growth of the skin Hypertrophy
Itchy, swollen lesion that lasts only a few hours; caused by a blow or scratch, the bite of an insect, urticaria or nettle sting. Ex. Hives and mosquito bites Wheal
Darker than normal pigmentation Hyperpigmentation
Chronic condition appears on the cheeks and nose, characterized by redness, distended or dilated surface blood vessels Rosacea
Bacterial infection commonly known as pink eye Conjunctivitis
An inflammatory, often chronic disease of the skin characterized by moderate to severe inflammation, scaling, and severe itching Eczema
Contagious bacterial skin infection characterized by weeping lesions Impetigo
Also known as cicatrix Scar
Allergic reaction created by repeated exposure to a chemical or a substance Sensitization
Abnormal brown-colored or wine-colored skin discoloration Stain
Flat spot or discoloration on the skin Macule
Foul-smelling prespiration Bromhidrosis
Also known as wart Verruca
Technical term for freckles Lentigines
Also known as a birthmark Nevus
Liver spots Chloasma
Hereditary condition that causes hypo pigmented spots and splotches on the skin, may be related to thyroid conditions Vitiligo
Abnormal, rounded, solid lump above, within, or under the skin Tubercle
Absence on pigment, resulting in light or white splotches Hypopigmentation
Skin sore or abrasion produced by scratching or scraping Excoriation
Open lesion on the skin or mucous membrane of the body, accompanied by pus and loss of skin depth Ulcer
Inflammatory condition of the skin Dermatitis
Congenital hypopigmentation Albinism
Skin disease characterized by red patches covered with silver-white scales; usually found on the scalp, elbows, knees, chest, and lower back Psoriasis
Thick scar Keloid
Blackheads Comedo
Dead cells that form over a wound or blemish Crust
Closed, abnormally developed sac containing fluid, pus, semi-fluid, or morbid matter Cyst

Color Theory/Principles & Elements of Art Crossword


Blue,Yellow,Red Primary Colors
Orange,Green,Violet Secondary Colors
This color mixed with Yellow Makes Orange Red
The color. mixed with Yellow makes Green Blue
Adding White to a color to make a color lighter Tint
Adding Black or a Dark color to make the color darker Shade
Colors that are in between Primary and Secondary Colors Tertiary Colors
Yellow is the complement of Purple
Red is the complement of Green
Colors that are next to each other on the color wheel Analogous Colors
3 colors equally spaced around the color wheel create this Triadic
These colors are across from each other on the color wheel Complementary Colors
Pure intensity of a color Hue
Red,Orange,Yellow are this type of color Warm
Blue,Green,Violet are this type of color Cool
Shading from dark to light without color Value
This element of art adds vibrance to a painting or drawing Color
Used to create the effect of hair, scales, or fur Texture
Element of art where you fill in the page in an interesting way. Space

Horse Project Crossword


has a reddish brown coat and always has black points. Bay
has a mixed brown and black coat with black points brown
has a lighter reddish brown (coppery) color. Points are the same color as their body. Sorrel
is a darker reddish brown color. Points are the same color as their body. Chestnut
has a pure black coat with no signs of any color. black
golden colored coat with a white or light cream colored mane and tail. palomino
light-to-dark sandy yellow or tan color. Has all black points. Buckskin
almost white coat. Mane and tail are the same color as the body. Cremello
also almost have a white coat. Mane and tail are a bit darker with light copper orange color. Perlino
have sandy yellow coat. Always have a "dorsal" stripe. dun
black skin, gray/smoky coat grullo
have black skin with white or gray hair. gray
Bay, Brown, Sorrel, Chestnut, Gray, Grullo, Dun, Buckskin, Cremello, Perlino, Palomino, Black horses American Quarter Horse
a horse is measured using a _______. hand
Apaloosa, Arabian, Mustang, Thoroughbred horses Light
has a pattern that is applied on top of a base coat appaloosa
black skin, have white markings but only come in solid colors. Arabian
black skin, can have a variety of patches, colors, spots, and stripes. mustang
most commonly brown or bay, chestnut, or gray. Black is not as common. thoroughbred
a male horse stallion
a female horse mare
a horse up to one year old foal
a male horse under the age of four years old colt
a female horse that is less than four years old filly
a male horse that is unable to breed gelding

Rocks and minerals Crossword Puzzle


a carbonate mineral and the most stable polymorph of calcium carbonate Calcite
a machine that collects oil Guahers
This chemical element has the symbol S and atomic number of 16 Sulphur
India is the largest producer of this mineral Mica
A mineral usually made up of colorless or pale-colored crystals Feldspar
a component of soil formed by the decomposition of leaves and other plant material Humus
a fracture in rock containing a deposit of minerals or ore Vein
a silvery-white metal in the actinide series of the periodic table Uranium
A fossil formed when sediment fills the inside or covers the outside of a dead organism Mold Fossil
a soft finely stratified sedimentary rock that formed from consolidated mud or clay Shale
also known as common mica, isinglass, or potash mica Muscovite
a hard, dark, glasslike volcanic rock formed by the rapid solidification of lava without crystallization Obsidian
a clay mineral composed of hydrated magnesium silicate Talc
The word from sweden directly translates to heavy stone Tungsten
the process of scraping or wearing away Abrasion
a metamorphic rock that may be foliated or nonfoliated Marble
Made up of sodium chloride and colorless cubic crystals Halite
a group of dark-colored amphibole minerals found in many types of igneous and metamorphic rocks Hornblende
a mixture of hydrous aluminum oxides, aluminum hydroxides, clay minerals, and insoluble materials Bauxite
unrefined petroleum Crude Oil
extracting a metal from ore by BLANK Smelting
a low-grade iron ore consisting largely of chert Taconite
a reddish-black mineral consisting of ferric oxide Hematite
a name used for a large group of black mica minerals that are commonly found in igneous and metamorphic rocks Biotite
flammable gas, consisting largely of methane and other hydrocarbons Natural Gas

Disney Movie Classics Crossword


Cheetahs never prosper zazu
Robin Williams's bluest role genie
______ O'Malley the alley cat thomas
Agrabah's favorite tiger pet rajah
A boy separated from his shadow Peter Pan
Demi Moore voices the streetwise Gypsy girl esmerelda
Sir ____, a hypnotic snake sidekick hiss
Honey, you mean HUNKules hercules
"Look for the bare necessities..." baloo
Disney's third animated movie fantasia
"Come on, you poor unfortunate soul. Go ahead! Make your choice" ursula
A tiny teacup chip
The adopted father of 84 dalmations Pongo
Ariel's father, King ____ Triton
The ___ and the hound Fox
The smartest of the seven Doc
Cinderella's tallest mouse sidekick Jaq
A fiery blue villain voiced by James Woods Hades
Cinderella's roundest mouse sidekick Gus
A very unfitting name for a skunk Flower
"When I was a lad, I ate four dozen eggs every morning to help me get large" Gaston
"Trust me..." Kaa
Prince Ababwa Aladdin
Pirates, and mermaids, and fairies, oh my! Neverland
" Can you paint all the colors of the wind?" Pocahontas
The return of _______ Jafar
Sleeping Beauty's prince Phillip
The Great _____ Detective Mouse
The shiest of the seven Bashful
She impersonates a man to save her father Mulan
He's so handsome, just like his reward posters Robin Hood
The mutt sharing spaghetti with his lady Tramp
Jiminy ______, a companion & conscience Cricket
"Dishonor! Dishonor on your while family! Dishonor on you! Dishonor on your cow!" Mushu
The tales of Jumbo Jr & Timothy Q Mouse dumbo
_______ in wonderland Alice
" I have to grow up tomorrow" Wendy
I just can't wait to be king simba

Workplace Safety Puzzle Crossword


It's easy to remember how to use a fire extinguisher if you rememeber this word PASS
Spilled liquids create _______ and need to be cleaned up immediately Hazards
Do not read or text while walking. It is not worth the _________ Risk
Body position that promotes god ergonomics Neutral
First step in a safety conversation Observe
Critical to workplace safety Safety conversation
One step in the prevention of an incident occurence analysis
During an emergency, use the _________ exit to you Closest
Another element of a safety conversation Discussion
Reporting unsafe acts and conditions can help prevent Accidents
Acronym for the KP Safety Program CSMP
This is everyone's responsibility Safety
Monthly Safety Conversation Tracker Dashboard
Scan _________ while you walk Ahead