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If you found this you are cool
Big Rocks For The Week
Put First Things First
The Time Quadrants
Quadrant Three
Quadrant Four
Quadrant Two
Quadrant One
Courage Zone
Comfort Zone
Habit 3

Habit 3 Crossword

Habit 3 Crossword

Overcoming peer pressure takes what
The third habit is also known as the ___________ and __________power
Putting first things first takes what
Putting first things first will cause you to get out of your what
True/False: Hard moments are conflicts between doing the right thing and doing the easy thing
How many time Quadrants are there
An amazing model that can help you pack more things in.
Important things get pushed aside by ________ ________
What is Quadrant #1 called
What is Quadrant #3 called?
What is Quadrant #4 called?
What is Quadrant #2 called?

7 Habits Crossword

7 Habits Crossword

Habit 1: Be __________.
Habit 2: Begin with the end in _________.
Habit 3: Put first things ________.
Habit 4: _________ win-win.
The way you see something, your point of view
How you feel about yourself is your ____________ bank account.
Author of The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens
Personal motto, mission __________
To put something off
If you waste time you are a _______________
Take care of you big __________ first
Something important that guides your life, a ______________
The end of every chapter lists baby _______.
Keeping promises to yourself is a _______ into your personal bank account.
"I can't" is an example of _____________ language.
You might be suffering from _______ if you believe that the world owes you something (p. 52).
Circle of _____________ = things you are in charge of
Knowing right from wrong and listening to your inner voice (p. 66)
Knowing you have the power to choose (p. 66)
The 7 Habits can help you _______ your relationships (p. 9)
The 7 Habits can help you make _________ decisions
The 7 Habits can make you find ___________ between the different aspects of your life
The 7 Habits can help you ________ your values (p. 9)
Quadrant 2 in Habit 3
Lose-lose is the downward ________



The strength to say yes to the most important things
This person is addicted to urgency.
This person has a hard time saying no to anyone.
Activities for this person are neither urgent nor important.
This person plans ahead and gets the things done that need to be done.
A place to write down appointments, to-do lists, etc.
Represents things that you are familiar with
The place where we find things that makes us feel uncomfortable.
One of the worst emotions that we have to deal with.
Another word for rising each time you fall.

Habit 3 Word Search

Habit 3 Word Search
Word Search

Peer Pressure
Courage Zone
Little Rocks
Comfort Zone
Big Rocks

7 Habits of a Happy Kid Crossword

7 Habits of a Happy Kid Crossword

What habit is it when you take initiative?
What kind of situation ends with both people happy?
I plan ahead and set __________________ for myself.
I try to _____________ other people's views and feeling, even if mine are different.
What is it called to work as a team?
What habit is it when you work before you play?
I should do this without interrupting.
I consider the positive or negative ________________ of my actions.
I ____________ my time between school, family, friends, and fun activities.
I am always ________________ how to become a better person.
I spend my time on things that are ________________________.
What kind of listener should I be in class?

Drivers Ed Crossword

Drivers Ed Crossword

Contact between two or more vehicles
Grooved surface of a tire that grips to the road
Turning the steering wheel too much
Not turning the steering wheel enough
Distance between vehicles
Force keeping the tires from sliding
Turning your vehicle around, then going the opposite way
Two wheeled vehicle with a motor and pedal
An eight sided sign that tells you to...
Allowing others to go first
There are six _____ around the vehicle
The first step in the IPDE process
When stopping, you should see the persons ____
Percent of collisions that happen at intersections
When stopping, you should always check you ____ zone
No blockages in your POT is a _____ zone
Any blockages in your POT is a _____ zone
Teenagers have a different ___________ rythum than adults
A fixed object seen in the distance
Your vision from the side is your ______________ vision
You put this on when making a turn
Driving is a ______ task
A flashing yellow light means

Exponents Crossword

Exponents Crossword

What is another way to say to the second power?
What is another way to say to the third power?
What do you multiply the bottom number by as many times as the exponent says?
If you see a 3 with a little 4 above it you would say it is three to the ________ power.
What exponent would you use for 4 x 4 x 4 x 4 x 4? 4 ____
Three to the eighth power would be 3 x 3 x 3....how many times?
Five cubed could also be written five to the fifth ____________.
Even though they have special names, squares and cubes are still ____________.
What is anything to the zero power?
What is zero to any power?
If a number is squared, that tells you to multiply the number by itself ______ times.
If a number is cubed, it tells you to multiply the number by itself ________ times.

AVID crossword search

AVID crossword search

You need to have at least a 2.5 of this in every class
You declare this your first year of college
You can do this on campus if you live too far away
A group of people sharing a common interest
Something you can join in college
Someone you go to in college when you need advice
Someone in charge of a college
Someone in charge of a college department
The name of a four-year degree
a type of college graduating honors
One of the most important goals in college
A type of class you take in high school for college credit
The average time in years to complete an undergraduate degree
A way to get to school

Smoking Cessation Crossword

Smoking Cessation  Crossword

Why do most people smoke cigarettes?
It is hard to quit smoking because the nicotine found in cigarettes is a very ____ drug.
About half of all Americans who continue to _____ will die because of the habit.
the fact or process of ending or being brought to an end:
Smoking is the leading preventable cause of ______.
Most relapses occur within the first ____ months after quitting.
Quitting smoking will improve your chances of having a healthy baby if you are ____.
One benefit of not smoking is having extra _____ to spend on other things.
The most important factor when trying to quit smoking will be your own ______.
One step you can take to help you quit smoking is to ____ new skills and behaviors.
Parents who quit smoking protect their children from illnesses caused by _____ smoke.
What could cause lung cancer?
One _____ contains as much tobacco as an entire pack of cigarettes.
Some smokers suffer negative personal appearance side effects such as stained teeth and _____ bad breath.
______ is found in substantial amounts in all forms of tobacco.

coordinate geometry Crossword

coordinate geometry Crossword

another name of coordinate plane
x-axis is also known as
the coordinates of points are of the form of (+,-) is in which quadrant
the famous mathematician associated with the problems of describing the position of a point in a plane
(0,0) are the coordinates of
point (-1,7_2) lies in which quadrant
the x coordinate of a point lies in the third quadrant is always
if the abscissa of a point is 1 and the ordinate is 0, then the point lies in the
the abscissa of all points on the y axis is always
for a given point P _ _____ is the distance of the point P from x axis respectievely
what will be the distance of the point (0,-3) from the origin
Rene Descartes was a ______ mathematician
if x and y both are positive , then the point (x,y) lies in _____ quadrant
by plotting the points o(0,0)